Björn Ironside the Viking Ideal

Excellent article on Bjorn Ironsides!

The Daily Beagle

The Vikings (from the Old Norse víkingr meaning “to go on expedition”)were a people famous for their skill as raiders and explorers. In the 9th century these Scandinavian peoples had earned the fear and respect of the European nations as they launched raids and conquests establishing themselves in colonies across Europe. One of the most prolific of these Viking raiders was Björn Ironside who cut a swathe across the Mediterranean. Björn was said to be the son of Ragnar Lothbrok (Lothbrok meaning “Hairy-Breeches in Old Norse), the legendary King of the Vikings (and protagonist of the Vikings TV series). Ragnar was, according to tradition, the great “Scourge of England and France” whose sons would lead the Great Heathen Army against the Saxons in England and establish the Danelaw (the Viking kingdom in England ruled from York). Ragnar has largely been dismissed by historians as a fictional amalgamation of several Viking leaders…

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