The Last of the Granny Witches

Such excellent thoughts on Celtic roots that are wrapped and woven into their descendants!

Appalachian Ink ~ Home of Anna Wess (and Granny)

We are a peculiar breed. Our roots grow deeper than the cedars, and yet we don’t know precisely where or who it is that we grew from. We are a mystery as old as these hills themselves, and it doesn’t take much figuring to know that we are enigmas of intentional design and destiny.


God knows our names.

We are not Northerners — damn Yankees, the men folks’ Confederate influence called them — and this we know without a doubt. I myself was always preened into believing I was a Southern child, born out of notions of gallantry and romance, but the fact is, I ain’t a low country belle and I’ve never picked a shred of cotton or been to a debutante ball.

We are not peaches.

And these mountain women before us were not delicate flowers or distressed coquettes. In these old heirloom hills, the women are…

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4 thoughts on “The Last of the Granny Witches

  1. I do music as a hobby.(classical violin and piano) I think the music of the country fiddler (like Blue Grass) has a Celtic root to it. There’s Eastern European folk tunes that do too. There’s some debate about the Celts. Some people think only the top tier of society in the British islands was Celt, before that it was just the Indigenous people of Europe. The Celts got pushed up there when the Romans defeated them. The original people of Europe were the people that built Stonehenge. (and now super Stonehenge just discovered) The Celts were indoEuropean invaders. The Basque are all that remains of the indigenous people. So the Celts conquered the people that were already there an imposed their language and culture. The Basque language is weird….very weird. He has a few Spanish words in here and the Spanish borrowed Basque words…

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