Can You Spot the Impostor? Three Truths and One Lie About the Vikings.

A few extra facts about the Vikings!

Author C.J. Adrien

Of the four statements below, three are true and one is a lie. Can you spot the lie? (Scroll to the bottom to reveal the answers.)

1. The Vikings Shooed Away Eclipses.

Vikings believed that Ragnarok would come about when the two wolves, Skoll and Hati, devoured the Sun and the Moon. Skoll chased after the Sun and Hati chased the Moon. It was believed that during an eclipse Skoll had caught up with the Sun and the only way the men of Midgard could help was to create as much noise as possible to scare off the wolf.

2. The Viking Diet Changed from Fish to Meats and Breads While in England.

During their conquest of the British Isles, the land armies of the Danes adopted the local delicacies in favor of their traditional diet. In Scandinavia, the primary source of protein for coastal settlements was Herring, whereas in Jorvik (modern…

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