Lindisfarne’s Viking raiders and historical re-enactments

An interesting look at historical re-enactments!

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Lindisfarne Lindisfarne – the Vikings are coming!

The world of historical re-enactment is a strange place as I discovered this weekend at Lindisfarne Priory.  A Viking raid was in full flow when I arrived on the island.

So I headed down to the Priory to find that its ruined grounds had been transformed into part battle field, part Viking encampment.

The blurb promised grisly displays of combat culminating in a full-scale, deadly battle with the re-enactors of The Vikings”.  Who could resist taking a look?

Viking raiders

Lindisfarne Monks versus Vikings at the Priory

Lindisfarne was the first place on the English mainland to experience a Viking raid in AD 793 when attacking forces ransacked the abbey. Many monks were killed in this brutal attack.

I’m never completely convinced by historic re-enactments of this nature. Although they’re colourful and fun, there’s a nagging fear that this is history turned into pantomime.

The “Yo ho…

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