Three Vikings Who Were More Interesting (and Notorious) Than Ragnar Lothbrok

Yes, there Vikings more famous than Ragnar!

Author C.J. Adrien

Ragnar is a character from legend. There is no telling whether he was real or a fable. His recent ascension to fame in popular culture is without a doubt a good thing for Norse studies, but now it is time to take a look at those Vikings who we know for sure were real people and whose lives were in fact more remarkable than the legendary King of the History Channel.



Supposed son of Ragnar Lothbrok—although he likely claimed this for prestige, similar to how the nobility in France all claimed lineage to Charlemagne—Hastein lived a life envied by his contemporaries. He began his journey as a relatively unknown warrior who appears in a few mentions beginning in the mid-9th century. His claim to fame was his voyage to the Mediterranean with his brother Bjorn Ironside, and together they sacked Cordoba on their way to the Mediterranean basin. Their fortunes…

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One thought on “Three Vikings Who Were More Interesting (and Notorious) Than Ragnar Lothbrok

  1. Didn’t Harbard mention Oleg of Kiev? I was hoping we could meet him. Also wonder if Olger the Dane should be a Viking??? He was one of Charlemagne’s paladins. (for anyone who doesn’t already know) Olgier was left behind as a hostage and grew up in Charlemagne’s court. There’s a mention of him giving some money to a church in Frankish documents. So he must have converted to Christianity.

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