Vikings: Warrior’s fate, again way too much to process!

Ok, once again my mind is swirling and on overload from trying to process everything going on! It will take me a few days to digest it, sort through the many details and give my thoughts on all of it. It’s always the little details, the small things, glances and looks that first get overlooked in the grander picture. When you look back on events later, sometimes those smallest seemingly insignificant things suddenly jump out at you and stick in your head.  It’s late and I’m deliriously mentally drained from the experience so I am just going to leave you these minor little glances that I noticed… I’ll be back tomorrow with a my thoughts on everything!

Now, obviously there was much more going on of far more importance than these last glimpses but as I said, these are  just stuck in my head at the moment? Probably because they came towards the end and they summed up my thoughts on Ecbert’s current predicament of being caught between a rock and a hard place… or between Lagertha and his Noblemen!  And, that last look from Judith at her father in law, well that was just too good not to leave comment on!  She’s looking at him knowing he’s in a deep bit of trouble and figuring he’s going to be looking for someone to blame this whole mess on…

you could have at least gave me a heads up on the whole blood bathOh shit I am never going to hear the end of this judith is thinking oh crap I hope he doesn't remember that it was my suggestion to stay in the first place

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