Did the Vikings’ Forefathers Serve in the Roman Army?


The Flag Mound Prince Avaldsnes Norway

The Flag Mound Prince of Western Norway was buried in the 200’s AD along with many Roman artifacts, including a Gladius short sword. (Photo: avaldsnes.info)

There are found a number of Roman artifacts in Norwegian burial mounds. Most famous is the grave belonging to the so-called Flag Mound Prince near the village of Avaldsnes on the west coast of Norway. The contents may indicate that he had a high position in the Roman army.

The Prince, who lived during the 3rd century AD, was buried in a large mound which measured 43 meters (141 ft) in diameter and was 5 meters (16.4 ft) high. It was opened in 1834 to 1835 and contained a chamber made of slate slabs with the Prince lying in an oak coffin.

The grave contained more gold than found in any other Scandinavian grave dating back to the Late Roman Empire Period (c.200-400 AD), including…

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