Vikings Wanderer: The maniacal madness of Kwentirith

Berghrid and Kwentirith

Previously, I told you of our Torstein’s fate and how I hold the rest of group responsible in some ways. In order to understand that feeling better, you must know the events that led up to his tragic fate.   I do hold the others of our group responsible in a way. I do suppose though,  that if I were to unravel this entire set of circumstances and place blame on one particular person for all of it, I would have to look to Kwentirith? She is the one who got us into the mess in the first place with her blood feud war against her brother!  And, if we want to look at Maniacal, that could easily describe the Princess Kwentirith.  When Ragnar demanded to know more about why she was so desirous of blood shed and revenge against her family, she gave intense and dramatic details of  horrific abuse and incest within her family. She accused her Uncle of raping her as a young child and then sharing her with others including her brothers.  Now, it was a very dramatic and heart wrenching tale but, I am really not quite so sure that I believe all of it? Of course, if it were all truth, that would certainly explain her current instability which borders on insanity.  I just have some doubts as to whether she might have exaggerated some of the story to put herself in a better light and to gain sympathy from our group… mainly, Ragnar?  I do not question that some of it most probably could have happened… Family dysfunction and depravities have existed from the beginning of time.  I have read other rumors about the woman which would lead me to suspect that she is not such innocent victim as she would have us believe?  But, that is just speculation on my part. I will just say that I do not trust her at all.

Who is Princess Kwentirith?

Queen Eadberh

My current thoughts on her and her story are this… If there was such abuse and incest running rampant in her family, then her somewhat strange and ill placed feelings for her remaining brother, and his for her, might be explainable in another rather unsettling way? She professes much love for him and cares greatly for his safety. He feels much the same about her despite his advisors’ warnings not to trust her, and that she will kill him. If we believe her tale of incest and abuse, then it is plausible that for what ever reasons, she feels more than sisterly love for him, and he feels that same sort of emotion for her. Perhaps, they have developed some other more physical and emotional bond for each other? While the rest of us would cringe in disgust at this idea, we do not know what events within their family and their childhood might have led them down this abnormal, unseemly and ungodly path!  It is rather obvious from the beginning that her hatred of her Uncle is very real and his death caused a highly disturbing reaction from her!

kwentirith goes into great detail about horrific abuse from her uncle and brothers

kwentirith goes into great detail about horrific abuse from her uncle and brothers

Does Ragnar believe her story or not?

Does Ragnar believe her story or not?

Kwentirith unleashing her savagery on Uncle britwulf's head

Kwentirith unleashing her savagery on Uncle britwulf’s head

If we go along with at least a portion of her story to Ragnar, it would explain her present day insanity and her sexual behaviors as well. If she has been so used and violated in the past, from her earliest childhood, she would have a great many psychological issues stemming from that abuse. Her views on sex would be vastly colored by those early experiences. She would probably have a great need to feel in control of any future experiences, feel much need to dominate and use men as they have used her. She would most likely be of a mind set to use them before they use her, her sexual experiences would be such that she want to be the one in control of it.

This would explain her earlier behaviors with Ecbert in which she was insatiable and determined to be in complete control and domination of their sexual encounter! It would explain her sexual predator type behaviors, her wanton ways and  her reaction to a situation that she felt was not in her control? To her warped reasoning, the only sexual behavior that is now acceptable to her is one that she initiates and is in control of. Rollo made the mistake of assuming that her behaviors spoke of willingness on her part and he also made the mistake of making the first move… of overstepping that unknown boundary of hers. Rollo learned that in any time, any language, any situation, No means No!  Kwentirith decided to enjoy the celebration with the men and the men, namely Rollo. Rollo  assumed that based on her previous wanton exhibitions and her current behavior, she was amenable to his advances? Of course, he was also under the influence of many, many helpings mushrooms by this point as well.

kwentirith decides to party with the men

kwentirith decides to party with the men

rollo is a good host he shares his shrooms kwentirith enjoys the snack and Rollo thinks to enjoy his own snack

Ummm not so fast  the witch come out in her

No means No at least you understood that didn't you

No means No at least you understood that didn’t you

Did Rollo learn any lessons from this experience with the deranged Kwentirith? Well, probably not that he would be able to recall so much later… other than he learned his first English word! I can only hope that he also learned to stay well away from Kwentirith!

NO Now we know our first English word

So, we have determined that such sexual abuse during her childhood could indeed be cause and reason for her current sexual and control issues. But, what of her rather odd relationship and feelings for brother Berghrid, whom she says she loves no matter what. She keeps saying that she cares for him deeply does not wish harm upon him. Well, if in her childhood of supposedly horrific abuse, she may have formed some attachment or bond with him. Perhaps in her situation, he was one who was kind to her, who did not abuse her… or if he did use her, at least showed her some sort of compassion. They both seem to have much deeper feelings for each other than that of just siblings! As I have mentioned, it is difficult for us to understand what ever relationship they may formed, or why, when we do not know the full story?

What we do know is that if Kwentirith feels love for anyone other than herself, it is her brother Berghrid. She is genuine in her desperation to try to see him and talk to him. I do not really doubt this feeling on her part. For some reason she does feel great care for this brother.

Bergrid I love you don't leave

Bergrid I love you don’t leave

And, for what ever that unknown reason, her brother Berghrid feels much same about her. Despite knowing she is crazy, knowing that she has already killed everyone else in the family, his reaction is “But, I love her”

WTH It's that crazy sister of mine!

WTH It’s that crazy sister of mine!

time to meet the brother Maybe now is a good time to pray

but I love her

but I love her

survive first then talk of love

survive first then talk of love

There is most definitely something in this family’s past that is just not right? Whether Kwentirith’s explanation is truth, whether it lies somewhere in between her version of the truth and what actually occurred is up to debate. No one will probably ever know the true story behind her madness. Perhaps, it’s more a case of incest between she and Berghrid with the other stories being used to cover this up? Perhaps it is a case of too much inbreeding, as was common back then, causing mental illness and some form of insanity? What ever the case, one thing is certain… Kwentirith is unhinged, unstable and irrational in her thinking. And, if she believes that Ecbert and his Aethelwulf are truly on her side and have only her best interests at heart, then she is completely delusional as well!





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