Vikings season 3 preview!

I have been here in this time and place with these people now for what seems like a life time? The stories and tales I am sharing with you are much distant memories. I know that it needs be shared so that you in the future will know of what happened to the people I have come to know and care about. I will continue to share as much as possible of the early days with you until it comes time to embark on a new and even more perilous, I think, journey? Soon we shall be leaving on another voyage back to England and I know not what will happen to all of my friends. We have suffered many tragedies and troubles over the past years and I do not think it will end any time soon? There is talk of  raids and quests to other places soon if things do not work out well in England this time… I have heard rumors and rumblings of Paris but we shall have to wait and see what unfolds for us.

vikings season3 1 vikings_2 13 vikings_3 14 vikings_4 15 viking-season-3 2 vikings-season-3 3 vikings-season-3_0 9 vikings-season-3_1 6 vikings-season-3_2 5 vikings-season-3_3 4 vikings_1 12vikings-season-3_4 10 vikings-season-3_5 8 vikings-season-3_6 7 vikings-season-3-spoilers1

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