Vikings Trivia: Who is Princess Kwenthrith?

Updated to include the rest of my review of Jayne Stone’s Lost Dreams! A rather sad end for Eadburh as well as so many others close to her. But, I guess at least she hasn’t died in the gutter and God has not completely struck her out for such acts as defiling the Abbey that she was in charge of by enjoying a night of drunken debauchery whilst she was the Abbess there?

Time Slips

Ok, Ok, I know most of you are thinking, “Enough already, Why haven’t you left yet? You should be well on your way to Kattegat by now!”  Well, I am almost ready to leave- in fact I am headed to Lindholm Hoje near Aalborg Denmark and you will get that update on Friday! For now, I just wanted to share this one bit of historical data with you. I am currently trying to finish up some reading and thought you might enjoy the comparisons. This latest book gives us a look at that most interesting of characters in Saxon England.  She recently showed up on King Ecbert’s doorstep, and I thought she sounded familiar so of course I had to do a bit more research of my own on who she might be?  I am always interested in the back stories of who various characters might be based on…

I’m quite…

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