Fangirling Vs. Jealous Stalking

So well said that it needs to be shared! These have been much my own thoughts as I’ve read through post after post and endless discussions about Sam Heughan’s personal life. The majority of those discussions are justified by the comments that he is a public figure, a celebrity now and he should expect this sort of attention to every detail of his life. Why? Why should this kind of attention be the norm, be part of an actor’s or any other public figure’s life. He is an actor being paid to portray a character and he does an excellent job at it. Any other part of his personal life should not be any concern of ours!

Outlander Musings

I came across a tweet today that finally made me want to strangle someone concerning Outlander and Sam himself.

I’ve let a lot of the pet peeves I have with the Outlandish Community slide because many of our newbies are young or just trying to have fun in the Outlander Universe, but this is something I cannot ignore.

In the tweet, one of Sam’s followers asked Sam to watch out because some were harassing a lady he had been seen with, then proceeding to harass those in the fandom who would defend the lady…

Fan girl: a girl or female who is a fan of someone or something and expresses love for said person or thing in silly, innocent and often amusing ways….showing benign love.

Stalker: someone who doesn’t see reality, but are obsessed with someone, and seeks to cause rifts and harm and harassment to those around their obsession…

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