Sims 4 self debate now finished!

As most of you who visit here regularly probably already know, I have had many on going self debates and doubts on the arrival sims4. I will admit that it’s arrival has put me in a bit of a funk as far as creating both in the building and the story telling process. Before the game came out, I did provide a number of  links and some of my creative experiments and experiences with the Sims 4 CAS Demo. I have not purchased the game and will probably not being getting it any time in the near future due to the high price tag on it, which I just can not afford right now. I am still of the opinion that it is a big risk for that amount of money if  it will not meet my needs and desires as far as the story telling and building go in relation to this project.


I have spent a great deal of time debating all of this coming  to a conclusion and decision.   I have invested so much time, energy and thought on this entire project with the aid of Sims 3, I just can not bring myself to abandon it all, scrap it and start all over with the limits of the Base game Sims 4. Possibly at some point in the future, I may end up trying out the Sims 4 and give it a go in transitioning the story to that format, but it will not be any time soon! I do want to add my recent observations of the Sims 4 experience as others are working their way through it. It appears that their sharing system is actually more complicated and limited than previously suggested? There is no forum exchange system, you must use the game gallery and be connected to Origin in order to search through it.  You have to follow people and creations according to the creator’s origin ID, which ties the whole game entirely to the Origin system. Yes, you can play the game offline, but in order to do anything as far as sharing either in friends status, liking a creation, downloading, what ever, you must be connected directly through the server system. As I have mentioned, I do not have game so can not give a first hand observation of this… it just seems to me a somewhat complicated process to navigate.  Also, at this time it seems there is no way really to easily and quickly share your creation with social media such as fb.


So, with those few observations having been made, I just want to say that I am working my way through my funk and my creator’s block on this whole debate! I am renewing and recharging my creative spirit and will be continuing with Sims 3 as my artistic medium for the time being.  In looking at everything I have accomplished with this project over the past year, I am proud of myself for not giving up on it through the most frustrating and difficult times. For those of you who follow this Blog, the story, the builds, the history, and all of the other various topics I put here, I just want to say Thank You! I appreciate your following, your likes, your comments and suggestions. It means so much to me to know that there people interested in my work and my creations!


This has come to be so much more than just a Sims blog.  As I have worked my way through the sims experience and the story, I have also worked my way through some life challenges and changes. I have broaden my own horizons and my life, and I hope that in reading this, I have broadened yours as well!

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