Outlander recap episode 3: No way out

Achhhh Another episode flown by so fast that I am sure I’ve missed some of those tiny details! If you have not watched it yet, please go do so now!  I can not help but mention spoilers and specific events of the episode because as usual there was so much going on!


First of all, fortunately Claire was having one of her nightmares last week and only imagined what Mrs. Fitz’ reaction would be to her saying, Thank Heavens for that!


Next, I do have to say that I felt a wee bit bad for Laoghaire MacKenzie even though I know the troubles she causes in the future.  Here she is with her teen age crush… well, ok maybe bordering on obsession, for Jamie thinking she might have a chance with him especially after the slight indiscretion when Jamie obviously loses his senses for a moment and takes advantage of what she’s offering?

Really, if you were 15 and Jamie did this with you… wouldn’t you mistakenly assume that you had some chance with the man?!  I do fault Jamie for that one… He deserved the swift kick from Claire for that!


Claire, as usual, had a bit much wine… and had her own difficult time of it with Jamie.  It was quite obvious she was fighting the urge to strip him naked and further explore all of his wounds and scars…

Now, Claire, be honest and reasonable here for a moment. If You are having such a difficult time keeping your hands off from him, can you really blame young Laoghaire for her wanton ways with him when he was more than willing?! I am only reminding you of this ahead of time for when the girl loses her wits completely and seeks to get you out of the way. Someday in the distant future when you get to hating on her for all the things she’s done, just remember that Jamie did have a part in it and one might think he was even going so far as to leading her on a bit with that behavior?


Those were a few of the highlights. On a much more serious note, we were provided with a closer view of Colum’s legs and the crippling pain he must endure thus his need for the Rhenish wine, and for a capable and competent in house healer. Once he realized that Claire was so capable of easing the pain, there is really no way that he is just going to let her go on her way!


Speaking of Rhenish Wine… My confusion here is why is their Renish Wine pink or rose? Rhenish Wine is white wine from the Rhine region of Germany. I am still searching for an answer to this puzzle! As I have been known to consume a great deal of German wine, this question will nag at me until I find the answer! I will post the answer when I find it!


Ahhhh of course, not everyone gets to indulge in the Rhenish wine… most of the Castle dwellers will happily settle for ale! Among them, my favorite, Murdagh  had much reason to consume the ale tonight. He spent most of his time having to guard Claire and try to keep her out of trouble! Poor Murdagh, he knew they were in trouble when Claire decided that Geillis would be an appropriate friend?!

Murtaugh2 Murtagh


Between Geillis and the Priest, Claire is not making Merdagh’s life easy!

Geillis Duncan

Claire does get a little wary and suspicious of Geillis on seeing her with her current husband?

Geilles and her husband


One scene/story unique to the show, as in not in the book? The boys visiting Black Kirk and accidently poisoning themselves. Naturally, the Priest assumes they’re possessed by demons and tries to exorcize them. Claire of course realizes that they’ve been poisoned and manages to cure one of the boys. She has performed a miracle! And, made an enemy of the Parish Priest as well! She seems to be invading on his territory with these suspicious miracles? He, and God will have their say and their revenge on her soul!

Outlander 2014


Being that the boys were Mrs. fitz’ nephews and she stood her ground against the Priest as well, I am pretty sure that he is condemning her soul to Hell too?! Is she concerned… No, she just keeps her chin up and her bannocks baking through it all!

Mrs Fitz


Whew! I am exhausted now and in much need of one of those bottles of Rhenish Wine!




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