Outlanderday Parritch!


Outlanderday breakfast: Parrtich with raspberries and cream!

Parritch with raspberries and cream!

Parritch with raspberries and cream!


Ok, I did cheat a bit on the parritch… I used two packages of  Open Nature  instant oatmeal. You can use any type you prefer for this. I had the instant packages in the cupboard so decided to save some time by using them. These packages were maple, brown sugar with pecans- I am not so fond of the pecans in my parritch but they were easy to pick out of the mix before preparing it so I was happy! I used milk rather than water for the liquid, and as I like my parrtich thicker, I used 3/4 cup of milk for the two packages.  For the cream topping, I used some of the mascarpone cheese and crème fresh that I had left from last week’s cooking adventure. I added a bit of raspberry Greek Yogurt to that mixture. You can adjust the ratios to your individual tastes. You want the resulting crème mixture to be the consistency of clotted cream. Add the crème to the parritch, then top with fresh raspberries. I included some Country Potato bread toast with it.  So, that’s my version of Outlanderday breakfast!


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