Outlander update

First of all, for those who might not have heard the most recent news; After only one episode, the Outlander series has already been renewed for a second season! Well Done, Well Done Starz!



Preview of episode 2: 


Now that those two praiseworthy bits of information have been shared… I am in the midst of planning my new Saturday evening rituals for the foreseeable future… As an already devoted- ohhh alright, addicted fan, just having the show to watch each week should certainly be enough to keep me well satisfied and glued to the television for the evening. But, as such an avid and devoted fan, I do want to make the evening as enjoyable as possible. I decided  that perhaps I should try to make the evening into somewhat of a special event each week in order to truly appreciate the experience.  While I was debating and deciding on how best to accomplish that, I came across this wonderful site!    http://outlanderkitchen.com/    It inspired me to think about how I could enjoy the show, create a small celebration and experience some of the interesting food? No, Sorry it will be a no on any Haggis… I feel I must draw the line somewhere, and the line drawn would be at Haggis! I am prepared though to experiment and see what else I might be able to come up with for my Outlander viewing dining experience!


So, with all of  that in mind, I decided that for my first experience tomorrow evening, we will be sampling some of the Bannocks of Castle Leoch courtesy of Mistress Glenna Fitzgibbons and Outlanderkitchen.com  You can find the description and the recipe here:  http://outlanderkitchen.com/2014/08/13/bannocks-castle-leoch/


Outlander 2014

Mistress Gwen Fitzgibbons of Castle Leoch


Bannocks with jam and cheeses


Castle Leoch Feast

Having decided upon my small celebration, I headed out today on my quest to find some ingredients and some possible other appropriate food items. That quest led me to a lovely little European Deli near me that I had never ventured to before. I just want to give them a nod of appreciation and thanks here!  The Junket, European Café and Delicatessen: http://www.thejunket.com/  I was happily surprised at their fare and their service! The most interesting part about my visit there was the fact that there were a large number of other first time diners and shoppers there today… Most of whom were inquiring about the same thing? It seems that I had wandered into an unexpected, unplanned meeting of like minded souls all looking for some Scottish type foods that they might enjoy during their viewing of Outlander! I had some lovely conversation along with a delicious sandwich!  I then continued on with my shopping excursion and headed to Trader Joes… where upon I found more of the same like minded individuals!  Ahhhh well, it seems I am not alone in either my devotion or my intent to expand on the viewing experience!  I just had to share the experience because it made for such a nice afternoon!

Now, back to our food discussion. Because while bannocks are probably a fine fare, I am quite reasonably sure that for the most part, there would be some additional food offering besides Bannocks? Unless of course one is on very short rations… I did want to find something to eat besides those bannocks as I don’t really want to experience the poorest of fare in Bannocks and beans. Not being quite sure as to what else we might find,  I settled on some pork pies with gravy for a main course. I will add some potatoes rather than the usual fare of turnips though… I apologize for that, I am not so fond of turnips!  I know that Claire would insist that we include some greens and veggies in the offering so I will abide with that and perhaps add some Brussels sprouts or some spinach sautéed with bacon! Either one of those options is fine with me and Bacon always adds a welcome flavor to anything!  So, that is our plan and our start of a menu for our Outlander viewing this week!







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