Sims4: Creating a character

Many of us are experimenting and getting used to the different facial and body sculpting features of Sims 4. I will readily admit that I am struggling a bit with these new tools! It takes much practice to edit the finer details that give a character that unique and individual look makes them who they are.  While it is easy to create a random sim, sometimes the best experience and skill comes from working with a model and trying to recreate that look. It is more difficult and challenging, but often it does give you some sort of base to start from? Think of it like sketching or painting using a model or picture as a reference as opposed to drawing it free hand. How many of us have that special talent to create an image free hand, just from an image or vision in our head? Not very many of us are that skilled!

As most of you are probably quite aware of from browsing this Blog, my other obsession lately besides my story and simming in general, is Outlander. So, with that in mind I have set a goal for myself to practice my sim creation by using a model from the Starz series. I will attempt to create a sims 4 version of  Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall. Of course, it will not be an exact replica… I am definitely not that much of an artist or expert sim creator!  Hopefully though, I can come close in the representation and the finished character will be recognizable as Claire.  That is the first and foremost detail to keep in mind when recreating a celebrity character. You want them to be more recognizable as the character they are portraying than necessarily the celebrity at face value.


The first thing you absolutely must have before you start is a decent head shot/profile picture of the character you are trying to create. Try to find a fairly good sized, clear photo to work from.

This is the photo of Claire/Catriona that I chose to use as a reference.

Claire Randall


Keep a copy of this photo close at hand in an easily accessible file. You will be referring back to it often throughout the process. What I did was set up a separate file to save all of the progress photos and this one in.  As you work with the character creation, it is a good idea to check your progress often by taking headshots of your work in progress in various stages, then take some time to set the photos together with your reference picture. Here is an example:

Of course, we can not get the exact hairstyle right now. What we are more concerned about at this point anyway is getting the facial features as close as possible. By looking at these two photos next to each other, it is easy to see where some changes need to made if possible. I can see that I need to work on adjusting the eyebrows, which I think is possible with the sculpting tools. I can also probably make some minor adjustments to the eye shape, but I don’t think I need to do too much there? Her nose needs a bit of touching up and fine tuning as well. The one thing I don’t think will be possible right now is the creases around her mouth… the demo gives us some face detail creases but they were far too deep and pronounced to use effectively here! Overall, I do think I am somewhat close and it will just take a bit more tweeking with the facial sculpting tools.

Claire Randall comparison

One other detail important and defining to the character of Claire is,  anyone who has read the books will be familiar with this detail, her backside! It is often described in great detail by her other half, Jamie Fraser, and can not be overlooked when attempting create her character! This picture does not give the best detail of it, but it does show some promise?

Claire Randall2


This is as far as I’ve got on progress with her. I do hope this work in progress helps others out as they work their way through sim creation in sims 4! I will continue to post progress photos and share the trials with you!

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