Sims4 CAS Demo Creations

I did a bit more experimenting with the Sims4 Demo and came up with a sims4 version of Brenda Blonde.


First of all, here are some fairly good representations of her in Sims3. Please keep in mind that she has gone through a number of transformations throughout the game and the ongoing story! She has went from mortal to vampire to fairie and back again any number of times!

Brenda Blonde ins Sims3Eleanor and Brenda


Now, here she is in Sims4 !


Brenda Blonde6 brenda blonde3 Brenda Blond5



I did try to experiment with some of the cc content that has come available, but most of it will not show up in my demo even after trying a number of times?!

Brenda Blonde4 Brenda Blonde2

Here she is with a bit of photo editing touch ups to her final photo.

Brenda Blonde Cover photo


As I mentioned there is now custom content available for use in the demo. If you are interested in attempting it, you can find here:


Here is a link as well on how to install the content? Hopefully, it will work better for you than it did for me!

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