From the Creator: More Sims4 news!

Ok, it’s Monday and the embargo has been lifted on the sharing of information from the Creator’s Camp held last week!  As most of  the simmers know, EA hosted a special Creator’s camp in San Francisco last week and invited a number of very talented builders and creators to learn more about the Sims4 game. Sadly, no I was not one of them… would have been fun and exciting as well as quite convenient as I do live in the area! Enough of my moaning and whining over that. I am happy for all of those lucky people who got to attend! They learned a lot about the game and now can share it with us!

What I am going to do for now is post links to some of the many videos and articles posted.  I will come back later and update with added links as I find them!


This video is from PC Gamer. I thought it was a great review and he was honest in his observations of the positives and negatives regarding the new game.


This article is from Sims Resource news. Much of this article deals with the animations and the future of mods and custom content in the game!


My simming friend, Bill Sim, who is a very talented creator and all around great guy, has just posted this article on his blog!


I am really excited about a few of the preview pictures because I can see that it might just allow me to build some castles and more historical type homes right away!

sims4 preview3 sims4 preview2


I am a little disappointed and concerned with a few things that I deem as critical to building and decorating, such as no move objects cheat available. Many of the creators attending the camp voiced their concern about this and hopefully made the game creators understand just how important this cheat is to us as creators!  They have given us some other great trade offs though, such as adjustable height walls and windows!

They have also given us so much more in the way of animations and interactions between the sims in the way of multi tasking!  What this means is that a character can now do more than one thing at a time.  An example is that they can be watching television, eating, and talking to another character at the same time! This is a huge help as far as story telling and pictures for me!  I can actually set my characters up in a realistic way now without having to rely so much on custom poses or animations! It will save me incredible amounts of time as well as provide some better and more realistic interactions and expressions! I can honestly say right now that I am looking forward to experiencing the game as a whole!



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