Behind the Scenes: Finally some progress on Dunvegan Castle!

I finally got a chance to do some work on Dunvegan Castle!  The lowest level is now finished and represents what the earliest years in the Castle might have looked like. In those earliest ancient times, there would not have been a Castle.  The earliest dwelling would have started out as well protected underground space with an entrance close to the water. Over the centuries, the water levels would have changed, creating more of a land base entrance to the dwelling.  The living space would have been shared by all of the clan members in those earliest of times. There would have been few actual doors between areas. The archways would have allowed heat to easier pass through all sections of the dwelling. The stables would have been connected to the Living spaces allowing for greater protection of the livestock and also for  added warmth to be shared. I have tried to put it as close to accurate as feasible and possible. These initial photos are taken in build mode since it was easier to work without people on the lot for now!


A small portion of this level has been renovated for modern purposes. The remainder of the space has been restored to the more ancient time period of the Castle’s history and will be featured on public tours when the contractors and historians are finished with the Castle’s restoration!


In previous episodes of the story, you saw the sleeping and more private family space.

Screenshot-49 a family in mourning

Here are some views of the old kitchen and general living space.  These general living areas would have been far more basic and sparse in décor than the private quarters. The general areas would have been used by everyone in clan for all of their daily living needs. The finer items would have been reserved for the more personal, private space.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8

This is a view of the old entrance room. The stairs in the entry lead up to a courtyard area where the well is located. The stairs in the old kitchen lead up to what would be newer portions of the Castle.


In back of the stable is a central common space that would have been used for everything from work space, added sleeping space, storage or recreation.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-12


An overview of what the space now looks like!



We did have to make one addition to the lot for our story purposes. There is now a small dungeon or prison space which is located near the old entrance. This space would have been where Svein was kept under close supervision during his confinement.  It would later have been used for prison space, or possibly another hiding space… There was no need to add extensive décor to this space as it would have been very utilitarian. The upper room is equipped with some seating for those waiting to visit with a prisoner, or waiting to be imprisoned! The purpose of using a ladder rather than stairs is not just for space saving. The ladder could easily have been removed, there by preventing a prisoner from escaping!


Upper room


Lower prison level.


view of Castle with the small prison tower added.



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