From the Creator: Behind the scenes

As most of you know, we are in the middle of filming in the highlands of Scotland right now telling Eric North’s story. We took a short break from the filming to enjoy that other time travel journey… Outlander! While we were on this break, we decided to send some of the cast members to a special event that we were invited to. We received an invitation to attend the premier of Mark Stone’s new network, Sims World TV! You can find more great info on it here:

Sims World TV


The cast had a fantastic time and we wish Mark Stone and Sims World TV the best of luck and much success in the future!

We thought you might enjoy the photos taken at the event!



One of the official promotional posters for the event

Time Slips cast members: Brenda Blonde, Judith Self, Eric North, Adrian DeWare, Scoithin Reil, Svein North, Eleanor DeGuille

Time Slips cast members: Brenda Blonde, Judith Self, Eric North, Adrian DeWare, Scoithin Reil, Svein North, Eleanor DeGuille

Arriving at the premier



Arriving at the premier

Arriving at the premier

Of course, the paparazzi immediately showed up and Eleanor was not amused!

Eleanor is not amused! Paparazzin show up!

Eric found a way to get back at them!

out takes, Eric gets back at paparazzi!

The paparazzi was not amused by Eric’s stunt… He seems to be a bit off focus with his camera? Unless of course he was intentionally aiming for Brenda’s assets… if so, then I believe we can bring a case of sexual harassment against him!

uninvited guests



Ohhhhhh We have not seen Eleanor in quite some time! She was enjoying a much needed vacation but did fly at the chance to attend this event! Here she is arriving and getting her Fairie on!

Eleanor gets her faire on!

Upon landing on the red carpet, she is cool, graceful and sophisticated as always!

Eleanor DeGuille at premier Eleanor at premier

Eleanor is joined by the other ladies for a little fun!

Ladies of Time Slips

Ladies of Time Slips: Scoithin Reil, Eleanor DeGuille, Judith Self, Brenda Blonde

Eric with Judith and Brenda

Eric, Judith and Brenda Close up of Eric, Judith and Brenda

A private moment between Judith and Eric caught on camera.

Eric and Judith

The camera also caught the rest of the group off guard while waiting their turn for photos!

paparazzi out take shot of the group

Adrian DeWAre… yes, Adrian is also playing the role of Artorius in the current episodes! Here he joins Scoithin Reil and Svein North to pose for the cameras!

Adrian, Scoithin and Svein close up of Adrian, Soithin and Svein

The men of Time Slips get their turn to have some fun!

Men of Time Slips close up of the men

Finally, Although they may have left their kilts in Scotland, the men did bring their swords!

Swords held high They brought their swords!


A formal Salute and Congratulations to Sims World TV from the cast of Time Slips!

Salute to Sims World TV


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