From the Creator: Sims4 CAS Demo

Yes! I finally figured out how to get my print screen working so that I can share some of the early experiments with Sims4 CAS Demo.  I got my advance copy of the Demo last week but have not had much time to play with it until now. It is a very basic preview of what the character creation will be in Sims4, but it does give a good feel for what we can expect as far as the sim creation.


My personal thoughts on it are positive so far! The new process of  face sculpting is a little hard to get used to and will take quite a bit of practice. I can see already though that it does allow for much more detail in facial features. The sims resemble sims2 characters, which is a good thing in my opinion! I have always preferred the looks of the Sims2 basic sims as opposed to the Sims3 basic sims. When I refer to basic, I mean without any custom content, user created skins, hairstyles or makeup.


I am somewhat surprised that there is already custom content available to try out in this demo.  I am not using any of it right now as I do have concerns about how this content might affect game play as none of it has been tested in game. One of my concerns on it is the fact that we have no real clear idea of how much the character might change in appearance from the CAS studio to the live mode of the game? Some of this content may look fantastic in the studio but not so great in the actual game!  In Sims3, there is a definite difference between how a sim looks in the studio and how they look in game. The process of sim creation usually takes a great deal of switching back and forth from live mode to studio as a result of these differences. All of that being said, I will wait until the game is released and running properly on it’s own before taking any chance on adding custom content to it. From our experiences with Sims3, I would caution and advise others to be very careful with this as well. Many sims3 users can probably recall the nightmares and disasters of unknown or untested custom content… such as the evil doll which almost everyone had some experience with trying to get rid of in their game!


Ok, on to my initial experiments with the demo. What I would eventually like to do is be able to transition my story characters from sims3 to sims4. I started with Judith Self… of course I did, who else would I start with!  Well, I did start with Judith too because she does have the connection to Reina. I started her with some semblance to what Reina might have looked like.  Please keep in mind that in this demo we are working with very limited choices of hair and clothing!

sims4 judith self3


Once I had an image of  Reina that I was happy with, I went on to bring her closer to Judith’s present day appearance. I must say, I am quite pleased with her appearance. This is how Judith would look as a younger adult. I do not have the option of aging her up to adult to see what difference there might be, but it did give me the option of adding some character lines to her face in the final product.

sims4 Judith Self 2 sims4 judith4 sims4 judith5


After my success with Judith, I decided to experiment with some male characters. They always give me more difficulty… both in real life and sim life! this is the first try! He has no identity as yet, he was just a test subject… but he did turn out rather well and I may have to find a place for him to fit in!

sims4 practice male2 sims4 practice male

Same test subject with different skin tone and hair…

sims4 practice male3


Finally, after some added experimentation, our test subject looks like this

sims4 male practice8 sims4 male practice7


sims4 male practice6



And here is what we have now…

Eric and Judith

A very basic start to Judith and Eric Sims4 version!




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