From the Creator: Outlander update!

Yes, yes, I know I have been neglecting the story horribly lately and my only sad excuse is…. Outlander! My head is so filled with Jamie and various others of his acquaintance that I can not focus on much else right now! I do want to let all of the other fans of Jamie know that if you get STARZ, The Kilt will drop at midnight tonight!


Ohhhh ummm yes, I suppose Claire will be there as well…

Starz-Promo-2-Still-3 sam-heughan-caitriona-balfe-outlander-starz


Please forgive the lapse in my story and please do feel free to join me in this other journey through time! You will not be sorry you did, and I promise that once I have spent the quality time with Jamie, I will promptly return to our own journey!


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