From the Creator: Some Sims4 previews



For now, I just want to put out my thoughts on the most recent updates and previews of Sims4.  I have already shared my doubts and my concerns about this next game and will not repeat them here.

Previous post on concerns about Sims4.


I am happy to say that what I have seen of the sims4 Create a Sim demo, I am impressed with that aspect of the upcoming game! There a number of lucky people who received advance releases of the demo and have shared their photos and thoughts on it. I am posting some of the Facebook photo links here so you can see them and judge for yourself!


Bill Sims’ photo album is here


Ruthless Blog with photos of sims4 sim creation and description of the new system.


An explanation and reasoning for some of the deletions in the new game

Sims VIP information on the demo

Overall, I am still not sure about this next level of the game but I am somewhat less apprehensive as I was previously about it… so I guess that is progress!  My personal conclusion is this… While the Sims3 made great strides and advancements in the building aspect of the game, we can all pretty much agree that their sims left much to be desired? It seems that Sims4 is choosing to focus, at least in the beginning stages, on the sim character creation and development. In order to do that, they have had to set some limits on other aspects of the game for now, such as the building and the décor. It comes down to a trade off and a compromise, which we will have to learn to live with if we choose to go to the next level of the game with them.  Taken in this context, I can rest a bit easier and ponder on just what Eleanor DeGuille or Eric North might look like in Sims4?! I will definitely try the demo when it becomes available to all… and perhaps we’ll see what they look like!

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