Behind the Scenes: Dunvegan’s private gallery and Hadrian’s Wall Fort

Some work on the upper level private museum/gallery at Dunvegan where Eric went to surround himself with  his distant past as he remembered those times.

Normally, I do try to keep custom content out of the builds, but since this Castle has such a number of  various artifacts and memories, I felt it important to try to represent them! I am trying to keep it to a minimum and  will include a list of the items and where they can be found for download purposes.  These two photos include some of those items. The Sword and the cups on the shelf are from Sims Resource, Cashcraft’s  Pendragon Medieval collection which can be found here:

Eric in the upstairs private gallery

The displayed Sword is important because it does reflect the red dragon mentioned in some of the historical theories on the origins of King Arthur. The decorative cups are representations of the Dunvegan Ceremonial Cup. The Wall antlers represent some of the ancient Macleod history, which Eric has not as yet come to in his memories!

private gallery

The other ancient swords and shields are courtesy of  Mod the Sims Medieval Armory set


The tapestries shown here have been in my game forever and you can find similar ones here:

Screenshot-15 private gallery4

The rest of the items in the room are game or store items!


The recent episode of Eric remembering his turning at Hadrian’s Wall Fort requires of course, that we have some version of Hadrian’s Wall Fort to refer to! We will be referring back to it again in the near future so we had to do work on constructing a set for it! Here are some initial views of it. It is not meant to be the entire wall, only a portion of it representing one of the early Roman Fortresses attached to it. Most of these Forts were nothing fancy and built for defensive purposes, not luxury!

These are some views of what it might have looked like in Eric’s early years there. This is an over view of it.

view of Hadrian's Wall Fort


Back view of Fort, most likely the portion that faced their enemy. The open space will be open field, possibly including a ditch to slow down the Barbarians.

Screenshot portion of Hadrian's Wall Fort

View of the Front, which would have been the Romans’ main entrance, but still well barricaded and fortified to withstand attack.

Hadrian's Wall Fort

Artorius with his sword… This should give you a clue as to who Artorius is? We have seen him before in connection to Eric!

Artorius and Eric



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