Behind the Scenes: Dunvegan Castle continued!

First of all, I spent more time searching and managed to find some very basic diagrams and plans for the interior spaces of the Castle!
Dunvegan layout2

dunvegan floor plan

Dunvegan Castle layout

This was a huge help in figuring out how to put together our representation!

Tonight’s work included finishing up the basic shell of the Castle- adjusting the corners, turrets, windows and such…
view of back side entrances

From my research, I was able to verify that the back side entrance was the earliest and oldest portion of the building. This entrance was originally the only access, and in the earliest times would have been a sea point entry. Over the years, however, the silt built up and created a land bridge access. In those earliest years, there would have only been that lowest underground portion and a relatively small upper level containing the back courtyard. The all important fresh water source, the well was located back there. This well/ water source was one of the most valuable resources for the original fort, enabling it to have a continuous source of fresh water!

full view of side entrances

I started with some layout work on that lowest portion. Originally, this would have been the main living space for everyone in the Castle. As the Castle expanded, the spaces became servant quarters, storage and work areas. We will keep to that plan in this creation!
floor plan lower level

From the lower level there would have been access up to the back courtyard and the well
old entry to back courtyard

This is a view of our main level so far. I will try to incorporate the rooms and spaces from the plans I found as much as possible.
ground floor level

Second Floor space…
second floor

Third floor will be reserved for private family living quarters.
Third floor

There is a top level that includes two tower spaces, one quite small and the other is rather large.
top floor

The basic shell is now finished. Here are some views of it!
Arial view of front of lot

ariel view of Castle showing Flag with Clan Tartan patterns on it.

ariel view of Castle showing Flag with Clan Tartan patterns on it.

overview of front with windows, towers and turrets

During my research, I learned that there was another smaller tower space on the left side of the Castle, referred to as the Fairie Tower. I had to make some adjustments and add this tower space to the Castle!
front view with windows and fairie tower added

previous Castle progress

More information on the history of Dunvegan!

This week’s music inspiration:

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