Behind the Scenes: Dunvegan Castle progress

Ach…Slow going it is right now! Good thing Eric North has long been a vampire. It probably took a few of those early centuries to get this Castle completed and livable! Tis good to remind ourselves that Rome was not built in a day… and neither were Castles! I know many of you are probably anxious to get back to the story, as am I. But, as always, we must be patient. Castle building is often a long and tedious process. Fortunately, tis a long trip from Haunts Castle, and even Edinburgh Castle where Eric and his group headed out from, to the Isle of Skuy and Dunvegan Castle. Mayhaps, by the time they reached it, it was somewhat habitable?

Tonight’s progress included some additional landscaping to get the view closer to this inspiration photo

It still needs much work, but is getting closer!


The other struggle for the night was improvising those blasted corner turrets… we don’t have too many workable options in the building process of the game, so must settle for what limited results we can achieve!

I used a combination of fences to achieve a halfway passable effect, at least from a distance!

The only other thing accomplished after those frustrations was a change in the garage door, I changed it from a garage door to a double barn door, which might have been there originally. This way, the Castle will be accommodating for horses!


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