From the Creator: Weekly update!

It’s been quite the busy week we’ve had! Story update, book reviews and music for us to enjoy, plus today’s tour of the now finished Royals Forest!

Story update: Brennie’s Destiny

The Water is wide
book reviews and music

Music page

Royals forest cover
Royals Forest Tour

Now, I think I should answer some of your wonderings on the twists and turns of our story. I am sure that many of you might be getting confused with it so I hope to clear some of that up now without giving too much of the story away ahead of time!

Elizabeth's trunk

Elizabeth cover
Please don’t worry, we will get back to the mysteries of Richard III and the princes in the tower. We will just be taking a round about longer journey back to them. Brennie’s journey and her destiny in Scotland will lead us to the future and then back to Richard! If you remember, Richard made a deal with the Vampyre factions to remove the boys originally. He, and so many others of that time also had a great interest in the ancient linen. We know it belonged to Guinivere Pendragon at one time, and was then passed down through the centuries to other women including Jacquetta and Elizabeth. Many centuries later, another witchly woman, Elizabeth Rivers has come into possession of a chest containing an ancient linen and three medallions of the York Suns.

Judith and Eleanor in the hall
guinivere's arrival
Before we got so entangled in the mystery of the Tower, Eleanor DeGuille and her friend Judith were trapped in time with Guinivere. That is where they began to unravel the events of the past. To our present knowledge, they are still there somewhere between times at Haunts Castle reliving all of the history of those people. If you have been reading all of the story, you may recall that Judith’s boyfriend is a Vampyre known as Eric…and one of her best friends is another Vampyre known as Brenda Blonde? Eric and Brenda will soon arrive at the present day Haunts Castle in search of Judith find out her fate of being lost in time with Eleanor. Eventually it will all tie together so be patient and enjoy the timeslips and the detours! Our next detour will take us to Scotland, and the Isle of Skye where Eric and Brennie settled and made their home for centuries.


dunvegan castle

showing up for a day on the set

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