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First of all, I do hope you have enjoyed this week’s story updates! We have come back almost full circle now from the past histories of the people involved to just a few short years before the events leading to the disappearance of the princes in the tower and the aftermath of that event. If you are paying close attention while reading it, you will see that the history prior to that particular event plays such a very important part in how it unfolded and why people made the choices that created the situation in the first place. As always, I have tried to tie in the actual history of those times as much as possible. I did have to adjust some timelines…but not really by very much this time!

This week’s episodes:

So, here is our historical facts update for the week!

This week’s story centers around Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Stafford. She was the Mother of Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. For our story purposes, she tied in well as she was a cousin of Margaret Stanley and James II of Scotland. Her Father and her first husband were loyal to the Lancaster faction.
Her father led forces loyal to the House of Lancaster in the First Battle of St Albans (May 22, 1455) against his main rival Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York. The Earl of Stafford followed his father-in-law into battle. Margaret’s father was killed; her husband, Stafford, was wounded. Margaret could no longer count on the support of her father; and she became a widow when her husband died of plague three years later. She later married a Sir Richard Dayrell and had one child, Margaret Dayrell. Little is mentioned about her second husband, so I did feel at liberty to add my own details to that portion as it fit in with our story!

Henry Stafford cover
As to her son Henry Stafford, he was indeed placed in the Royal household after his Father’s and Grandfather’s deaths. After their deaths, he inherited the title of Duke of Buckingham and despite their loyalties to the house of Lancaster, the title remained intact. He became a ward of Queen consort, Elizabeth and was married as a child to her sister, Catherine.

Information on Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Stafford,_Countess_of_Stafford

Information on Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham,_Countess_of_Stafford

Another important character this week was of course, Jacquetta Woodville, Countess Rivers. Her history is well documented and I did try to stay as close to it as possible while still weaving her closely into the story! She is quite important to our story line as there are references made in various articles to her family claiming descent from the ancient water Goddess, Melusine. There is also documented evidence that she was indeed accused of witchcraft during her daughter’s reign. She was able to overcome the accusations. In 1484 Richard III in the act known as Titulus Regius revived the allegations of witchcraft against Jacquetta when he claimed that she and Elizabeth had procured Elizabeth’s marriage to Edward IV through witchcraft; however, Richard never offered any proof to support his assertions.

Information on Jacquetta Woodville, Countess Rivers

Information on the legends and myths of Melusine

The last rather important character in this week’s episodes is not a historical one but as her story plays out, we will see how this fictional character ties in to some factual history. Right now, the young Brenny is a bit of an unknown quantity. All we know about her is that she is an illegitimate relative of King James III of Scotland. He deems her of some importance in his own schemes and so has her placed in his household. We will learn more of Brenny’s history and how it might connect to our story in the future. As her story unfolds, hopefully we will learn more about the places and the people are so interwoven in history!

Information on James III of Scotland

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