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Ok, I have to break from the current story line here just to put out my thoughts on my most recent reading! It has left me so puzzled and astounded that I must make some comment about here. I have read so much about strange, cruel and highly bizarre punishments throughout history that I normally am not overly disturbed about it any more. This most recent account, though has left me with a serious case of “What???” I think I am most bothered by the fact that it’s one of those events that has been much left out of most histories that you would read.

I am currently reading ‘Sisters of the Bruce’ by J.M. Harvey.

Sisters of The Bruce

In the book she mentions the punishment that two of the women received for their roles in the Bruce battle for Scotland. I am not sure which astounds me more… the punishment of being locked in hanging outdoor cages open to all the elements of weather and abuses from the public viewing them, or the fact that they survived it for up to four years and at least one of them- Mary Bruce lived on for some years after the imprisonment.

That is our history lesson for the night. Much thanks to J.M. Harvey for her contribution to our history!

Ahhhh, I got so side tracked and involved in that story that our episode will be delayed a bit!

While you’re waiting for our update, you can also check out this excellent website for a trilogy of stories by Laura Vosika, Blue Bells of Scotland. I have not read the books yet, as I just happened to stumble across them in my search for more information on the Bruce family. After visiting the site, I have decided that they are high on my list of “To Reads!”

Blue Bells of Scotland

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