Eleanor’s Journal63: Beyond the Tower through the time slip


The Abbess admitted her guilt sheepishly. “Ahhh yes, in that you are quite right then. It has been some many centuries that you have spent in this cacoon of your own making. But, now it is time for you to emerge from that swaddling of sleep and rejoin this world, at least in your spirit form.”

abess and guinivere6
Guinivere winced, showing her disturbance at the passage of time. “Then if you are so correct in this, my dear daughter should have passed away to that other side long ago… Yet, you speak of her as though she still has life to live ahead of her? This I do not understand. You must explain this to me before we go on with anything else for before I can go on with any other matters, I must know of my daughter’s plight in life.”

The other woman agreed and went on to explain the child, Ainor’s fate and her now precarious circumstances. “That day on the field, Arthur had to act quickly and make harsh decisions in order bring Ainor to some safekeeping. He instructed the Vampyre Knight, Adrian DeWare to take the child through the time slip opening.”

Guinivere made a soft sound of startled fear. “But, those openings are filled with their own dangers and highest of risks… Tis not even truly certain they actually exist. Many have attempted such journies, most never to return, and the few who do return speak of such strange places and times that few believe their wild tales. Why would he have risked such a thing for our child.” She shook again with a resounding fear. “what has become of my child. What fate did he send her to.”


The Abess made every effort to stay calm herself in the telling of this tale, for she did not want to worry the young Mother over much. “Arthur knew more of the slips than many others, though even he was not exactly sure of what the outcome should be. He only knew that it should be the safest option for your child. He told Adrian that the child was meant for this world, her purpose and her destiny were with the future years not the present ones. He said he could not take her on to Avalon because she was meant to be in the outer world, learning the ways of her people.”

She paused for a few moments in order to steady herself and Guinivere. “He told Adrian to wrap her in your prayer linen and take her to safety.” Guinivere sighed softly and held hope that the linen had at least protected her child in some way.

Adrian bids his wife farewell before his journey into the timeslip

Adrian bids his wife farewell before his journey into the timeslip

Adrian with Melusina and Ainor1
For one instance in Adrian’s duty to Arthur, he swerved from that order, if only for a short amount of time. While Eric of the Northmen took Arthur on his way to Avalon, Adrian put off his own trek through that time slip and instead secretly took the child to his home and his wife. Adrian’s wife, Melusina was a witch of great powers and was an honor bound protector of the Fairies in her role as a Lady of the Lake. Before he would risk the child’s life through that time slip, he wanted the advice his wife. She knew much more about those things than many others and it was said that she had ability of some control over them. Melusina had at first gasped in terror at all that happened, and at the thought of this sort of escape for such a young child. She quickly realized though that Arthur was right and this was the only means of keeping the young fairie blooded Royal child safe.

Melusina blesses the linen
Melusina had set about making some preparations in guiding them on such venture. She did warn her husband that even she could not place promises or gaurantees on whether this should work, or of where and when they might land in time. It was close to impossible to guage that. That woman feared much for her husband and the child… She spent some time weaving more prayers of safety, well being and blessings into that linen along with lines of some guidance into it’s fibers. All she could do was fervently pray that it would help them reach some safe time and place and lead them to those who would be of assistance. When all was ready, she warned Adrian that he may have to travel more than once or even twice through the opening to land finally in a right place. He had questioned her on how he should know what that safe place was. She shook her head, “The gods and linen will be your guide to those who will know what to do.”

She had went as far as the opening with them and watched as they disappeared into the well of deep nothingness. As they left, she cried and prayed to her own Goddess to watch over them and bring her husband back to her whether in this time or in some other… It mattered not to her, she would wait for centuries upon his return if need be.

Melusina had been right in her cautions that they would need to travel more than once. But, she had also been right with her assurances that the linen should be their guide. Their first landing had brought them to the same land but some centuries later. There was another battle going on, this one was of Normans and Saxons, along with Northmen all fighting for territories and a crown in as much dispute as Arthur had left his own. It seemed to be ever long, ongoing battle and Adrian thought to himself that it might go on forever more. In that much different time of warring factions he had to very quickly determine some means of knowing where their safety might lay. It was odd how they had landed again in the middle of a battle scene and needed immediate assistance, it of course not being of any safe place for the child… but, she seemed to be quickly becoming used it even at her young age. Another strange occurance… he had looked out at the battle and the warriors, and seen a vaguely familiar face. Eric of the Northmen was in the midst of this battle. Adrian had simply thought, how appropriate and usual that Eric would continue to put himself in the middle of wars. Eric had by chance glanced towards the woods, feeling that other Vampyre presence and suddenly given a slight nod and grimacing smile of his recognition.


Some time later that night, they had shared a small camp fire and Eric had advised him that this was most likely not quite the best place or time… All were swept up in throes of raging conquest fever and warring parties abounded throughout the lands now. He did however know of some who might be of assistance with their plight. This was a time of change in the lands and there were still some who cautiously and secretly went by the ancient ways while attempting to weave those ways into their religions of now. He knew of an Abbess who led at the old Abbey on the hill. She was quiet and seemingly devout in her ways but would grant them sanctuary for a time. Eric had looked down on the now sleeping little one and smiled. “Ahhhh wee one, if you only knew how well adored and loved you are that so many would put their lives in danger to protect you.” His fingers traced a path over the linen she was well wrapped in and his memories went back to that long past time. He motioned to Adrian, “Come, let us head there now and we can pay our respects to her Mother as well.”

They headed up towards the Abbey and Eric spoke quietly and rather sadly, “I try to remain close to this place when I can, and stop there often just to remind myself of that time.” They nodded in the same sentiments, though for Eric it had been centuries while for Adrian, it just so recently occured and still dwelled most bitter on his mind.

The young Abbess had welcomed them with no questions. She did not pry or seem to need any explanations other than they were weary travelers caught in the middle of this recent battle. She had simply nodded her head in understanding, “Ahhhh as are so many now. It matters not who one is or was, nor what side they once were on in these battles. It only matters whose side one takes at the end.” She had taken the sleeping child, cradled her in her arms and crooned to her an ancient melody while her hands caressed the linen. “such fine and beautiful work, someone cared greatly and put much love into these prayers.”

Adrian looked at the woman curiously. She knew of what this linen was. He held his breath as she smiled at him and whispered, “Any work this finely detailed is surely filled with thoughts and prayers along it’s lines.” She left it at that.

Later that night, Eric took his leave of them but reassured Adrian that he would return to be of assistance. The child had been well fed and placed on a pallet near the fire to sleep while the Abess directed Adrian to a bench some way aside so as not disturb the little one.

Adrian looked upon the woman and felt some odd sense of light within her. In fact, he did see a faint silvery light around her whole being. She radiated a quiet glow of light and goodness from her palest flaxen hair down to the worn leather slippers on her feet. He thought it somewhat strange that this woman was so youthful to be an Abbess in charge of this priory. When he asked her about this, she replied softly, “Well in the first reason, there were none who wanted to come to this remote and lonely place. And then there be the other reason.” She smiled sadly, “I could not bear my husband any heirs and I felt a calling to this life from early in my life. He has accepted this and has allowed me to set myself aside for this holier life. I hoped that he would find one who would please him and bless him with children, but that has not been the case.” she waved her story aside then, “Really, my story is not of such importance as yours and that child’s”

She rested a hand on his arm and he felt a tingle of that light run through him. Pointing towards the sleeping child she spoke seriously to him. “I do know of what and who she is. She is of much need and value to the future but, this is not the right time for her.” this was much the same as Eric had avised. Adrian listened while this woman explained more than Eric had in his hurry to be about his own duties. “These times are even more treacherous and turbulent than the past ones you have come from. There are even bloodier battles ahead and a long fight for some stability within this realm. William marched across this country, and held some sort of control while he lived… but, now his heirs will battle each other for the power. No one will be truly safe for some time to come. She is not destined or meant for this time.”

Adrian was frustrated and disheartened, he knew not what to do next. The woman, who called herself Sybilla, pointed again… this time at the linen wrapping. “Someone who knew well of the ancient ways and gifts has woven a powerful spell of protection and guidance into that linen.” She paused for a moment then whispered, “and, an even more powerful one around that child… Her Fairie blood and her wings are tightly bound within her and will stay that way until someone with a greater gift unleashes it.” Sybilla looked at him with some knowing as she continued, “Your woman has done a fine job of ensuring this child’s safety from her own bloodline. There is one thing that she was remiss of though with the linen.”

Adrian was curious, and puzzled as to how this woman of God knew so well of ancient secrets. She merely smiled at his thought, “Ahhh, Think you because I have chosen to give my life to prayer and devotion to this God of mine, that I reject the ancient ways? Just because I choose to follow this path does not mean that I judge any others who choose the ancient paths. The roads and the paths to heaven are many and I condemn no one who believes differently than I. I look into hearts and souls, and see the purity and goodness within. The highest of the Christian Priests can be more wicked within than any who follow an ancient God or Goddess.” She stopped herself before she might go into her own sermon on the rightiousness of mankind.

“I am remiss, this is not what we need debate on. I must tell you of that linen and what you must do for it to work as your woman intended.” She went on to explain to him that in order for the linen to work properly in it’s guidance, it must be in seperate pieces. One should be kept with the child, and the other should be placed in the hands of those who would eventually see the two parts brought back together.

This, Adrian did not quite understand and he had to ask Sybilla to please tell him more of how it should work. Sybilla told him that it was a very difficult and intricate weaving of spells and prayers and quite complex with it’s layers. They must seperate the linen into two pieces. She would take one piece and ensure that it was placed with the proper women who would take the piece of linen and continue to weave prayers and blessings into it. It would pass on throughout time. When the child took her piece of linen through the time slip, the threads of her linen would search for their missing threads, as would the threads of the other piece search for their other half. They had been blessed with almost a life of their own and would ever search, much as people do, for their other half. Sybilla had only one concern. It was of much importance for the linens to only be sewn with prayers of goodwill, thoughts of blessings and wishes for safety. Should the pieces be filled with thoughts of bitterness, curses or cruel intents, those things would follow all who had touched either part of the linen. Once she placed the linen in the hands of the women she deemed worthy, she could only pass along the warning and hope that they should forever take it seriously. She would have little control of what was added to the cloth in future times.

Sybilla warned Adrian that when he should finally arrive at the right place in time, he must make sure that who ever took charge of the child understood this well and should take care of what they stitched into that linen of hers. She told him too, that once they reached the right destination, he must give the linen to those who would take the child into their care. He would be guided to them by the force of the linen pulling itself towards it’s other half. That is how he would know they were at the right place with the right people. He was still much unsure about this whole business but felt he must put his trust in Sybilla.


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