Behind the scenes 3: Improvising and invention!

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A small bit of progress on the set design/creation! We’re adding to the set as we need various portions for filming. The most recent episode required some creative improvisation on our part. If you have been keeping up with all of the story, you will know that there has been much mention of “Time Slip Openings or portals” but they have never been specifically described. Part of this reason has been to leave some of that up to your imagination. This time though, it was mentioned and it seemed important to give it some definition. There was room on this lot to provide one so we next needed to figure out some workable variation of it.

As many sims3 players know, Yes we could have used a time portal… but that would have stood out far too much. The time slips are more of a natural occurrence than a highly evolved technical machine. For this reason, we needed something that would more easily blend in with the more ancient surroundings. We chose an item from the World Adventures expansion- the dive well. It was something that could be placed near the river, be somewhat disguised and it has a useable function!

This is a view of it from further out with a layering of trees around it.

Views from the field side of the set


A night view of our haunting woman inspecting it

In addition to the time slip, we provided a small patch of heather for the lady to rest in

This is what the final shot of her looks like in the story!

We did also need to provide one other small set for this episode. The current set of Royals Forest does not provide a water access and this latest episode required a boating scene. We managed to place a very simple small boat landing near the Forest lot that makes it easy for the characters to travel to and from the forest from Royals Landing!

Right now it is just a very basic set with little else on it other than some trees and the boat landing. We may eventually expand on it at some later time and offer it along with the Forest lot.



Behind the scenes 4 5/25/2014

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