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Let’s consider this my weekly behind the scenes update… Well, I have good intentions on the weekly part but don’t hold me to it!

First, I am quite proud of the update done to the About page- more will eventually be done to it, but for now I am just happy to have updated the pictures.

The Royals from Avalon through time and history to Haunts Castle!

The Royals from Avalon through time and history to Haunts Castle!

Second, I took a slight break from the story to do something I haven’t done in ages… I started work on a new set! I will be posting that progress on a separate page soon. The new set/location will be needed in future installments of the story so I’ve decided to share the process with all of you here.

If you’ve read the most recent story updates, you will find some new characters- victims or suspects- you be the judge… have been introduced. The young maid, Grace Plantagenet has already made her appearance. I found her in some of my research and found her interesting in that she seemed to have remained close to Elizabeth Woodville throughout her life. There was information given regarding her attendance of Elizabeth’s funeral.
Grace Plantagenet2

The other two characters will make their appearance soon… ummmm as soon as the casting department finds appropriate representations! One of the characters was well known and even mentioned in varying documents as a possible suspect in the disappearance of the boys of the tower. Lord Henry Buckingham was one of those close friends that Richard trusted too well. He came to the same end as William Stanley. The other character, not so much mentioned, is his wife Katherine. She fared better than her husband and eventually married into the Tudor family!

The last character is the middle sister of Elizabeth York, Cecily. She was not having the best of luck during those events either, though her problems might have seemed petty compared to those others were facing… In 1474, Edward IV contracted a marriage alliance with James III of Scotland, whereby Cecily was betrothed to the future James IV of Scotland. Because of this she was for a time styled Princess of Scots. This agreement was, however, unpopular in the Kingdom of Scotland, and later military conflicts between Edward IV and James III negated the marriage arrangement. So, there went her first chance at romance! Next, she was was betrothed by the Treaty of Fotheringhay to Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany, the exiled younger brother of James III, who had personal ambitions for the Scottish throne. Edward IV sent Albany and Richard, Duke of Gloucester with an army into Scotland. Richard returned with a bond from the merchants of Edinburgh to repay the dowry, and re-captured the town of Berwick upon Tweed. Edward IV decided to take the money and formally cancel the marriage with Prince James.[1] Albany was killed on 7 August 1485, without a marriage to Cecily having taken place, but the death of Edward IV in 1483 had already changed the marriage prospects for his daughters in any case… Ahhhh, and there went the second chance! Then she was consigned to sanctuary with her family- not many hopes for a suitable husband there.
Richard did manage to find her a husband but that one didn’t work out so well either?

Cecily was married to a Ralph Scrope of Upsall, a younger brother of Thomas Scrope, 6th Baron Scrope of Masham, and a supporter of Richard, but the marriage was annulled on the accession of her future brother-in-law, Henry Tudor, as King Henry VII of England. Many published works fail to note this earlier, nullified, marriage. Years later, Cecily’s discarded first husband succeeded another elder brother to the family barony, becoming Ralph Scrope, 9th Baron Scrope of Masham. He died circa 1515.

Finally Henry Tudor succeeded in finding her a husband! Cecily was married to a staunch Lancastrian nobleman, John Welles, 1st Viscount Welles, the son of Lionel Welles, 6th Lord Welles and Margaret Beauchamp of Bletso. Her new husband was a maternal half-brother of Lady Margaret Beaufort, and thus an uncle of the half-blood of Henry VII, and a royal favourite by both politics and blood.

Perhaps, in our version of events, young Cecily had some premonition of her future and that was why she was so moody… well, that and the fact that she was 14 year old adolescent female stuck in a “prison” with only her Mother and her sisters for company!

Cecily saddened2

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