From the creator!

Ahhhhhh, the Creator is presently struggling with a slight bout of writer’s block? Well, not so much writer’s block as stumbling blocks of too much story, too many thoughts and ideas… A common problem for me! I have a tendancy to get side tracked and go off in too many different directions at once? One of the downfalls of Attention Deficit Disorder! I am in one of those places right now and needed to take a step back, review and edit!

Much of the story has already been told… in my head at least! The problem is trying to get it written down and presented in some orderly, organized fashion. I am finding it easier to work with this blog format than I originally expected? My aim and hope is for it to play out as a sort of never ending series with the ongoing offshoots and seperate storylines that come up… haaaaaa, mainly because I can never actually finish a story and if given that directive, I usually end up scrapping the whole thing!

I have stuck with this story far longer than any others that I’ve started so that is a plus! I have become quite attached to these characters and want to see how it all turns out for them. I put it this way because, while Elizabeth and Gerard have a well detailed story already mapped out for them (it just needs to be written out here!) the future of Eleanor and John remains to be fully seen?

Ok, enough my ramblings on the story stumbles of late… Just because I am stepping back for a bit does not mean that I am not hard at work on it! I’ve taken some time for research… OK, Yes, I have had my nose stuck in various works of history and fiction and labeled my reading as research!

My current foray into the past has been a combination of Elizabeth Chadwick’s historical medieval novels and then more in depth research into some of the historical figures she presents me with in her stories? I am always in search of characters that might tie into my storylines somehow. I find that often, I read about someone who unexpectedly fits in where I presumed there would be no connection? I was quite surprised when I found my most recent inspiration and connection in Elizabeth’s stories of William Marshal! Thank You, Elizabeth Chadwick!

In the past few weeks as I’ve been putting Eleanor’s story down, I’ve also been trying to play connect the dots behinds the scenes… It’s a slow process that sometimes reminds me of the theory, Six degrees of seperation! At other times, it’s like untangling threads of a spider web!

So, for those of you who may be confused about what is going on in Eleanor’s world of time travelers, please be patient? They may all be trapped and misplaced in time but they are all connected in some way!

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