Eleanor’s journal entries 36

While we were experiencing this strangeness inside, the outside had become enveloped in darkness. The storm cloud had disspipated temporarily leaving in their wake, a frigid icy blanket over the valley. Richard, Bradley and Judith had arrived during the worst of the storms and were standing out there when the clouds suddenly lifted . It left shuddrering with cold, and they easily admitted, some fear!


Bradley and Richard had much trepidation about entering the Castle… neither had been back upon the ground since that time in their childhood when they had disappeared. Now, they both felt haunted by that past and would not have tempted this if not for the fact that John was there and in need of them! Judith knew little of the place other than stories others had told her but said that the moment she neared the grounds she felt great unease and was not sure she wanted to venture any further!

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