Eleanor’s journal entries 35


While we waited for them to arrive, I tried to set my fears aside and think of other things. John asked how I had gotten on with Elizabeth and I told him of our conversation. “I think she is quite a stable and trustworthy young woman, though I have doubts about her choices in men?” I shrugged and made a face at the thought of Gerard. John just laughed and commented, “Well, that is not of our concern is it? Perhaps she thinks the same of yours? Tis up to the fates and the heavens above to make those judgements, not us!”
I grudgingly agreed, and also agreed not to meddle in their affairs of the heart… unless of course, I was asked directly for my thoughts? I smiled and turned up my face towards those heavens above with my response. He muttered under his breath about us being the last to give advice in such department!
Avoiding more discussion of this matter, I mentioned that I should like to find Elizabeth and show her something? I added, “I believe that this Elizabeth has more history within her than she realizes?” With that I explained to him about her mysterious medallions and her family heirloom, that ancient chest of which she knew nothing about.


We found her out in the hall engaged in a much personal and private discussion with Gerard. Not wanting to disturb or pry… Well, yes I was wont to eavesdrop, but John slapped my arm at that and pulled me aside to wait for them properly and politely! Finally, after much time John cleared his throat loudly to gain their attentions. They were so involved in their affections for each other that they were somewhat startled by our appearance! John just chuckled and commented to them, “Ahhhh, perhaps you could save this for a later more private and more comfortable place and time?”

They both looked rather uncomfortable to have been such private display of emotions. Elizabeth blushed and to my surprise, even Gerard looked somewhat contrite? They made their slight apologies and it seemed they were having difficulty focusing their attention on us instead of each other.
I quickly stepped in and suggested to Elizabeth, “Come with me, I have something to show you that might interest you? It concerns those medallions of yours?”
As we made our way upstairs, the cold drafts were increasing…as was the overall feeling of unease that I felt in this place! I tried to ignore it as I spoke in what I hoped was a casual tone, “I am somewhat surprised that Gerard has not thought to show you this before?” I added in a cooler, more critical tone for his benefit, “I am quite sure he is aware of this connection and I would have thought that he would taken time to delve into it with you!”
Gerard’s equally cool repsonse was, “Yes, Eleanor, I am well aware of the importance of the medallions, and I have made mention of it to Elizabeth! We have had some other pressing issues to deal with?”
I stomped up the stairs and made a sound of irritated displeasure, “Hmmmph! I am sure you have had so many other more pressing issues tha n those of Elizabeth’s unknown past!”
Everyone sighed and it seemed they were not of a mind to argue the point with me? We reached the receiving Hall and I asked the men to remove the heavy curtain behind the Royal thrones. I knew what was hiding behind those draperies. It was startling vivid within the sometimes foggy images from my childhood memories…
They dragged down the drapes and tossed them aside on the floor for now. Everyone, including Gerard stared in some surprise at the sight of the medallions hanging behind the thrones!

Gerard expressed his puzzlement, “These have been here all along?! Holy Gods! These are the original creations from which all the others were replicated!” He looked troubled, “How could I have missed this? I should have known this, felt it…”

John took him aside to talk to him while I spoke with Elizabeth. She was greatly shocked at the discovery and seemed a bit agitated as well? Her words came in bits and pieces, “I am at a loss right now? Those look just the same as mine, other than the coloring of the metals?”

I softly explained, “These are the original, official Royal medallions… they are of much purer gold than the replicas that were created as gifts. These are the ones which followed with the famliy and were on display wherever they might be at the time.”

I then voiced my own troubled thoughts, “I do not know how I knew they would still remain here? They should not be here… they should have left when the Royal family departed this place and moved on to their next residence?”
There was a still eeerie silence as we all thought about this and looked occasionally at the glittering medallions that seemed to emitting some power and energy of their own? They gave off an odd glow that washed over the space that was filling with a cloud of mist and becoming colder?

the medallions

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