From the Creator!

To all of you now following and liking Eleanor and the Royals, I say Thank You! I appreciate the time you spend here with us!
I know this all started as an experiment with blogging in order to better tell the back stories that I always create with building projects in the Sims3. Now, it has turned around and the building is the back story! As the stories have progressed, I found myself creating builds around the stories rather than stories around the builds?!
If you browse through the pages here, you will see that I include links to most of the sims3 creations. I will continue to do that as I update the pages and the stories.
Unfortunately, one of the most detailed and intricate builds, One that I invested so much time and energy on, and that has so much to do with the story- will not be available for downloading. Haunts Castle is truly so possessed and haunted that it refuses to go along with any attempts to save it permanently or upload it to the Sims3 exchange! It is now unusable in the game and can not be removed from the Village of Dragon Valley! I know this all due to some of the game glitches we all experience in the game but it really goes along so well with the Castle’s reputation in the story that I find it a little eeerie?!

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