Eleanor’s journal entries 33


After our discussion, John thought to call Gerard and confirm our arrival for tomorrow. He mentioned that he had not heard back from him in a few days, even after leaving him numerous messages. Once again, Gerard did not answer. John put his phone away and looked quite concerned. “This is not like him? He is generally quite prompt in returning his calls?”
It was very obvious that John was worried. He looked around at the group of us and spoke, “Something is not right! Whether with the Castle, or with John himself, I can not be sure? But, this can not wait until tomorrow!”
He advised Bradley and Richard to remain here with Judith and wait to hear from him. He motioned to me, “Eleanor, I hate to do this, I need you to come with me tonight. If it is a matter of the Castle mystery, you may be able to provide some assistance with your abilities to pick up on visions there and share them? I know your power of that is untrained and not so trustworthy but, at this point, anything you might see or sense might be helpful!”
I am not quite certain which I feared more… the Castle, Gerard, or my visions! On their own, each set me on edge, together, they seemed beyond overwhelming to me? “Please John, you might be better advised to take the men with you and I could stay here with Judith?” I pleaded as I began to tremble in fear of the unknown!
John tried to calm me, “No, I am hopeful that it no true and serious danger? If that should be the case, I shall call immediately!” He looked to them for approval and they nodded their agreements. He reached for my hands, “We will be fine, Eleanor… As I said, hopefully it is nothing more than a minor disturbance and we can easily aid Gerard in dealing with what ever it is.”
I muttered to myself, “Tis easy for you to say…if it should be such a minor task, then why require me at all!” I grumbled as John urged me to hurry and be ready to leave.

It was a rather long drive to the Castle, even in John’s modern and sleek dark vehicle that reminded me for some reason of a thoroughbred stallion filled with power and speed. These vehicles still caused me to be nervous and fearful… I did not trust them well!

Screenshot (12)
We arrived at Haunts Castle in the dark of the evening and I was immediately flooded with distressing cloudy images wavering around the edge of my mind? I took a deep breath to calm my already fraying nerves. I could feel others here… others who were in pain and searching for relief?
As we entered the courtyard, we were greeted by a young woman who seemed in as much panic and fear as I! She quickly stumbled out an introduction of herself as Elizabeth Rivers. When John introduced himself, she looked much relieved. She stated that, Yes Gerard had mentioned both of us. She also added that she had been trying to contact him but there was some problem with the cell service here lately!

Through her tears she explained some of what had happened recently. She managed to describe their finding of Marie’s tomb in the dungeon Gerard’s reaction to the event. He had been overcome with distraught emotions and locked himself away in the King’s chambers for the past few days. Elizabeth wiped her tears and told of how he had refused her entry, became more angry each time she tried to reach him? He was, as she put it, in a Holy Drunken Rage at himself and the world! Rather than calming down at some point as she had hoped, he seemed to be sinking deeper into a solitary depression?

Elizabeth sobbed with relief when John hugged her and assured her that he would deal with this matter?
During their conversation, I had listened intently, then walked away in some bewilderment. She spoke of Gerard in a far different manner than I had ever heard him described as… She also spoke of him as though she cared for him a great deal? In fact, I could feel that care and concern emminating from her with each word she spoke and tear she wept?


I was confused by this, and then the thought of Marie’s remains being here sent a shiver of fear through me? I spoke softly to myself, “Do not give in to the fears…focus, focus upon the light within you…” I stood there for a time concentrating on that light until a small glimmer of it appeared in my hands and helped me to maintain my focus.
I heard John calling to me in his usual autocratic, authoritative voice that he often reverted to when he felt he needed to take charge. It irritated me now, that he was treating me somewhat like a child? He was excusing my behavior to this Elizabeth as though I had committed some childish act of misbehavior! I replied to his command by replying, “I am not deaf, in fact my hearing is quite keen! There is no need for you to yell at me!”

I walked back over to them and continued on my own attempt to ease my fears and my thoughts… I focused on the light within my hands, then heard John once more make excuse for me as Elizabeth asked if there was something wrong with me? He assured her, “She is quite nervous about being here? This place has some strange occurances that tend to disturb many?”

Now even more frustrated and annoyed with him, I spoke for myself as I glared at him, “I am quite capable of speaking for myself! And, I am reasonably sure that Elizabeth is probably very aware of the strange occurances going on here!” I turned my back on John as I suggested to him, “Perhaps you should go and assist your friend, Gerard now?” I knew it came out rather rude and sarcastic but my excuse would be my extremely frayed nerves!
I made an effort to curb my ire and introduced myself properly to Elizabeth. I sensed her bewilderment and her fears as well her ongoing concern for Gerard. What I did not sense in her was anything that might be suspect… I sensed not one bit of evil or darkness within her? There was something else I sensed as well, something that I had never recalled being able to sense or feel about anyone? I felt keenly, a dormant power within her? I knew she was a witch! This set me back for a moment. It was a realization of more of my abilities coming to light?


Halfway through my intended proper introduction, I halted and stumbled over my words! She looked at me in some concern and asked, “Are you sure you’re alright? You look rather pale and you’re shaking like a leaf!”
I stumbled over words again and hestitated before going on in much embarrassment, “Ahhhh Ummm I am sure that I will be quite fine in a moment or so? It’s just this place?”
She looked relieved and spoke softly as if she did not want any wandering spirits to hear? “Ohhhh My Word! I completely understand that! I am just glad that someone else feels it as well?” She looked around as though to assure herself that there really was no one else out here with us. “Gerard kept telling me that it was just in my head? That I was reading too many accounts of mysteries and it was causing me to imagine things…Until the other night, when we found what was left of Marie!” Now, it was Elizabeth who shook with fear!
We both looked about the courtyard cautiously hoping that no one would suddenly appear out of nowhere! She motioned for me to follow her, saying as she went, “Let’s go inside, down to my apartment? It seems to be one place that is the least affected. Maybe that’s because it’s new?”

Screenshot-15 (3)
Once in her apartment, I felt better… perhaps she was right about this space. It was a very nice apartment, quite modern and well appointed. There did not seem to be much for personal belongings or décor though? Elizabeth explained, “I just recently relocated here from the United States and have not had time to do much with it… And, as I wasn’t sure how long I would be here, I didn’t move a lot over here with me.”

Screenshot-9 (2)
She gave me a quick tour and as we stood in her bedroom, I was startled by the sun medallions on her wall! I hestitated a moment, not wanting to appear rude or prying into her personal life, but I was quite curious as to why she would have them? “Might I ask, Where did you receive your York Suns from?”
She looked puzzled and unsure of what I was talking about for a moment, then followed my gaze to the medallions hanging on her wall. “York Suns? Is that what they are?!” she asked in surprise?
I replied, “Why Yes, I would know them anywhere. I’ve seen quite many of them in the past?” I was a bit embarrassed at my admission, but was hoping that my status had been explained to her? She had mentioned that Gerard had talked of us… I suddenly felt myself praying that I should not have to go into a lengthy detailed explanation of myself right now?
She must have seen my discomfort and so reassured me, “Gerard did explain about the time slips and displacements. There is no need to delve into it right now? I am more interested in what you know about my medallions?” She looked at me with some hopeful expectancy and curiosity and begged me to go on!
Something about this woman gave off a feeling of peace and friendliness just in her smile that seemed to light her face. There was also something that felt vaguely familiar about her looks but I could not quite place it? I set that aside and relaxed, telling her the history of the medallions. “ I am surprised you are not familiar with them? You have even placed them together as they are meant to displayed? The three suns together with the middle one rising above the other two.”

Screenshot-12 (2)
She urged me to sit with her and be comfortable as I continued, “The medallions represent the three rising sons of York with the middle being the oldest, Edward IV, rising above and leading his brothers to the throne of England. It is said that during one of the worst battles of the Cousins War, there appeared a sign in the sky? Three suns rising… Edward took at his sign from above that it was his destiny to win and become ruler with his brothers ever at his side? During his rule, much was made of this supposed sign and prophecy. The Yorks took it as a symbol and had the medallions created to display in their honor. They oft gave them out to loyal Noble subjects in reward for services to the House of York. Of course, after the fall of their house from grace and honor, most who had received such gifts would not display them or admit having them for fear of being branded traitors? Over the ongoing years, most recipients either hid them away or more was the habit, melted them down for the gold they were worth!” I looked at her with question, “Tis not very often that one sees one, let alone a full set of them, and in such pristine condition?” I assured her as well, “I just found it curious, tis all… I am not of any or either side concerning royal bloodlines of the past or of now!”
She looked troubled, “I don’t understand, I should have known something about these… should come across them somewhere in my various researches of the past! Why is there nothing mentioned anywhere of them?”
I shrugged, “Because as I said, Those who came to power later did their best to eliminate such open symbols of York loyalty. If you had not lived during that time, it would not necessarily be something of deep meaning for you? It would at best, be something of minimal décor interest for most anyone coming across them in future years, save for those who knew the meaning and kept it amongst themselves for good reason so as not to lose their lands, their titles, or their heads!”
I could see that she was still struggling with something and she voiced a thought, “Gerard made mention of them as well? Then he berated me for knowing so much about everyone else’s history but nothing of my own?” She wondered now, “I have no clue how we ever came by them. I just know they are supposedly family heirlooms passed down over the generations? I did ask my aunts once about them, and they had no idea either? I found them as a child. They were buried away deep at the bottom of an old chest in our attic, wrapped up in some antique linens and lace, and tarnished beyond recognition? My aunts thought they were worthless junk but I insisted that we try to clean them up… We were amazed at what they looked like when cleaned and polished! But, none of us ever knew where they came from or why we had them! The chest they were in contained nothing else of value or importance and no one was sure who the chest even originally belonged to?”

Elizabeth's trunk

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