Eleanor’s journal entries 32


A few days later, Judith did arrive with our letters of direction to Haunts Castle. Before any discussion of this venture, I felt I must bring up the subject of the Village Council’s plan for our future, and her remiss in discussing it with me? I chastised her gently for leaving me out of it, and for not bringing it when it obviously meant so much to her and was something she should take great pride in! I explained to her my initial distress, then my hurt feelings that she felt she could not confide in me? She begged my forgiveness and did say that she had been only trying to find a way of presenting it to me in a way that I could accept? She was trying to spare me undue strain over worrying about all of it until such a time as I should truly need to! We hugged each other close and easily put the event behind us.

That evening before our departure for the Castle, we were joined by Bradley and Richard as well to have a serious discussion of what we might facing in this assignment? The men agreed that the Castle was dangerous. They grew much pensive and eyed John cautiously. Judith and I were intrigued by the next conversation between them. They were wanting John’s assurance that he could remain in complete control no matter what took place there?
They then looked to me as well in some sort of specualtion… Richard spoke, “Have you told her everything then about the Castle?” John shook his head, “No, I was waiting for all of us including Judith, so the details need only be shared once?”
Richard nodded, “Well, lets get on with it then and get it over with! I am not enthused about having to share it again… or looking forward to returning to that place!” he made a face of disgust and waved for John to begin.
John did not look excited either! “I must warn both of you ladies that the Castle has much disturbing history that does not want to fade gracefully into the pages of time?” We looked at him curiously now.
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He turned to me and shared much distressing information. It was here in the deep dungeon of this Castle that Marie DeJewel had been placed. After being removed from Royals Castle, she had first been placed in the care of a severe group of Preists and nuns in a much isolated Cloister. Even they however, had eventually demanded she be removed from their care! John appeared much agitated and allowed Bradley and Richard to continue.
They talked about their thoughts on John’s ever constant icy veneer that he seldom let anyone see thaw… On a few occasions, they had both seen him come close to taking that step, of letting his ancient blood come through. Usually it was in some sort of battle, life or death situation? They had seen him come eerily close when confronting Marie DeJewel? They remembered the night when he had nearly killed her in a cold dark cell… then had managed to pull himself back and had left her groveling for mercy there, begging the Gods to save her…

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The two men shared the story of that night, when in search of someone else, they had found Marie locked away in one of the Castle’s deeper sanctuary cells. She was suppose to have been kept securely in the convent but, apparently even the most disciplined Priests and holy women found her too much to tolerate? As a result, she had been relegated to a more dungeon like cell far beneath the church’s sanctuary. She was a mere shell of her former self, and looked as though she should be dead already? She was also quite far gone into her own world of insanity by then… Why else would she have crawled out from a corner in an attempt to attack John?!

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To be truthful, they had barely recognized her at first until she started screaming at them. Once they recognized her, something had snapped in John as he fought off her groveling attack at him… In some ways she was like a rabid cornered animal and it seemed she was almost enticing John, egging him on and luring him to attack her? Perhaps by that point she was welcoming of death and thought if she drove John over his edge, he would put her out of her misery?

Screenshot (3)
He did indeed come close, but managed to kick the bed in a rage instead. Regaining his control, he had turned his back on the woman telling her, “If the Gods want your sorry soul then they will take you? Perhaps even they can not decide where to keep you?!”

Screenshot-4 (3)

As he turned to leave he added, “If this is where the church, The Royals, and even your brother deem you safe, then this where you shall remain!” They left the room to the sounds of her wails and screams echoing through the depths of the castle.
Bradley finished the story, “That was the last any of us knew of her. We know not what eventually happened to her? I would imagine that she was held there until her death, and most likely her remains are still there somewhere along with the remains of so many others who lost their lives there. Some of course well warranted, while others were victims of the treacherous reign of terror throughout those times.”
We were all a bit shaken by the story… Judith and I had some shared thoughts of foreboding and fear? Bradley and Richard were more concerned about John’s ability to maintain his surface of cool detatchment and not be drawn into the emotions that filled the place.
John assured them that he was well in control of his emotions and the situation! He knew well how dangerous it was there and would not allow Judith and I to go without their protection. “I am truly loathe to allow you to participate in this assignment, either of you? I would not do it if it were not for Gerard’s insistance that your abilities, Eleanor, could bring forth some of the happenings there? You have the ability in your mind to view the past events and share the vision with others? Gerard feels that perhaps you might see something there that could unlock the mysteries.”

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