Eleanor’s journal entries 27

Eleanor and Judith

I will readily admit that I have a rather short temper, though I do much try to keep it at bay. My frustration over this most recent event between John and I caused me to react in a most unlady like manner and show my irritation outwardly. Had he turned around at that particular moment, he would have seen me act in such a childish way of actually clenching my fists and stomping my foot! And, my next thought was to consider tossing my slipper at his back… until I realized that I was not wearing them! He must have sensed my thoughts because he chuckled and commented on his way out the door, “Your slippers are out in the library where you tossed them off last night! And, while they are quite lovely slippers, they would not hurt a bit were I to be hit with one!”
He left me to my pouting without another glance and calmly mentioned, “Perhaps you should eat something this morning, maybe your mood will improve?”
I glared at his back… How could he be so calm! I knew well that he had been just as affected as I, yet he was able to so easily set it aside and act as though nothing had happened between us?
His mention of eating reminded me that I was indeed hungrier than usual for me? I was not normally one to eat a great deal, and very seldom ate more than a bit of toast and tea at morning. But for some reason, this morning I felt quite ravenous! Knowing it was rather late, I hoped that the kitchen staff would have kept some fare warm!
I reached the dining room and spied the covered dishes waiting upon the sideboard counter. John was already eating, enjoying a large platter of eggs and sausages that caused me to pray that he had left some! I also wondered randomly of the myths I had long heard about vampyres not eating? As I filled my plate and took a seat across from him, he gave my plate a long stare, then asked in a somewhat surprised tone, “My word Eleanor, Are you actually going to eat all of that?” He quit his eating to stare at me as I happily indulged myself in the small feast of food on my plate.
I ignored him and savored the tastes that seemed to be more intense and enjoyable than I ever remembered? I went so far as to close my eyes and give out a sigh of pleasure? What on earth was happening to me? It seemed that all of my senses were far more attuned and heightened since my body had begun to adjust to this fairie blood pumping through my veins?
John shook his head as I finished my food and gazed longingly at his still half eaten plate? He eye my hand, and my fork reaching towards it and answered my unspoken thought, “No! Absolutely not! I can not believe you are still hungry after all you just inhaled so quickly! But, should you still desire more, there is still plenty left on the counter.” He gave me a bit of a scowl, “And, as to your earlier thought of what Vampyres eat or do not eat? Firstly, I am only half Vampyre and I do enjoy my food! I have never felt any discomfort or ills from it and I plan to go on enjoying it!” As he ate, he went on between bites, “It is rather strange? I have experienced no real cravings or need for blood? I thought perhaps that it would come at some point in this transformation but as yet it has not! I do feel much as you, in that all of my senses seem to be much keener?”
He finished his breakfast and stared out the window behind me at the sunlight filtering in. He commented on this, “Unfortunately, one affect I do seem to be experiencing is a sensitivity to the direct sunlight.” He frowned and it was obvious that this was troubling him, “I had never really thought about it before, but this will be most difficult to adjust to and accept?”
His next words brought annoyance and disgust to me… I could not get past my feelings on this person! As he was staring out at the sunlight and describing the ills it was causing him, he happened to mention, “I am hopeful that Gerard will eventually make progress in his research and come up with some remedies for some of these side affects?”

I knew he was speaking of Gerard DeJewel and I could not believe that the man would be capable of any such kind of involved research as this entailed! My disgust showed on my face and the look that John gave me was a stern warning to heed his oft repeated advice not to judge on previous actions.
He let the subject go for the time being and went about explaining that we had much to accomplish in the next few weeks. There were a great many details and matters which I must be brought up to speed on and adjust to in order to live in this new century and this current place of Dragon Valley? He also explained that he had some quite serious matters of the Council to attend to that he could not as yet explain to me fully. It had been decided… without any discussion of it with me… that as he was going to quite busy with these matters, Judith would be assisting me in much of the preparations and adjustments?
I learned that Judith, while having no ties to the past or the history of Dragon Valley, was a sort of liason between the worlds and cultures? John explained to me that actually, Judith and I should be of assistance to each other? Judith was new in her position here and I could be much benefit to her as I was so well versed in the history and the people she was dealing with!

It was explained to me that everyone who had been residing in the area of Dragon Valley during one of those worst time slips had been displaced much as I was? The entire area was now being contained against any further slips but the result was that all of us were contained here as well… whether we wanted to be or not? The time line was close to being repaired as much as was possible save for a few still unsettled spots and mysteries. Most of those displaced could not return to their previous times as, the way it worked, they were still there? I did not quite fathom or understand this concept and John agreed that it was a highly complex theory that took much to understand fully! What I gleened from it was that one was born and lived in a certain time period, and remained there. The time slips had caused people who were not meant to, nor capabile of doing so, to be transported through time… It was as though we became two people? One of us remained where we should, while the other was moved through time. Of course, the one who remained knew nothing and continued on with their life. The other of us knew something had happened but not what or how!
Once we had experienced this future, it would be exceedingly dangerous for us to go back, for anything we might say or do could cause another disruption or change in the timeline? Only the most highly trained and skilled as well as trusted individuals were now allowed to travel back and forth through time.
So, now, this place of such previous instability was a sort of refugee place for the time displaced. As they were located and discovered, they were brought here to live until such a time as the Council could determine what should be done. We were here in a new time, and world and the Council was doing what it could to assist us in adjusting to our new lives? People like Judith were brought in to help us all adjust.
One day, Judith had brought out a package of documents which she said we must read through. She was quite serious and somber, something she was usually not with me? She told me that it was vital that I understand all of the information thoroughly and suggested that if I had any questions at all, I must ask her? She told me that when we were finished, I would be required to sign the documents in order to remain here in Dragon Valley?
She must have seen the fear in my eyes and told me, “Yes, this is quite serious and must be fully understood and agreed to.”
The papers outlined my status as a time slip refugee, documented the approximate times and places of my displacements with my final arrival here in the present. They went on to detail explicitly what the Council would do to assist me in a new life, and what my responbilities were in accepting this assistance and this new life. There would be every possible consideration made for my past experiences and every possible effort would be made to provide me with an acceptable new identity and life. I would be given training and every opportunity to create a new life on the condition that I agree to put any and all past ties behind me, not attempt in any way to return to the past or use any of my possible past connections to my advantage or to the detriment of the present,or future world? If I did not feel that I could agree to this, I would be removed from this place to a seperate place of more secure surroundings until such a time as I could agree, or other arrangements could be made and decided upon for me.
I must solemnly swear my allegiance to this new world and the Higher Council. I must also understand that my continued existance here would be based upon all of my past activities along with my current ones? Should I choose to sign these documents, I would be cleared temporarily to go on to the next phase of my new life. It must be understood that at a later point, I would be interviewed again, in far more depth and my past as well as my current attempts at adjusting would be reviewed. At that time, I would either be granted new citizenship and be free to go out on my own, or I would be removed to that other place?
It took us much of that afternoon to go through all of this and for Judith to be assured that I completely understood what was being explained, and asked of me. I had no qualms of signing this…I had no desire, intent, or reason to want to be attached to my past in any way! My deepest concern and fear was that my past involvements in such situations as that with Marie DeJewel would once more come to haunt me and place me in danger of losing what I had now? As I thought about it though, what choice did I truly have? I chose not to sign, I would be immediately removed. If I signed this document, I at least had a chance to prove myself worthy in how long this next phase lasted. I would have time to prove that I could be a trusted and honourable citizen! I asked for the pen which Judith held, and signed my name of Eleanor Deguille once more to an oath of allegiance.

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