Melusina’s Avalon

The land of Avalon used for the story of Melusina is now available for download on the sims3 exchange! All of the illustrations used in the story were done on this set!

Isle of Avalon
Welcome all who seek wisdom to the Ancient, Enchanted Realm of Avalon! A timeless sanctuary of magic, myth and legends. Whether you be medieval or modern you will find everything here to fullfill your destiny and create your own legend. From apple orchards to ancient burial grounds, outdoor training to indoor comfort and recreation, treasures await, a Merlin’s library of legends, Royal Council chambers , numerous living quarters and family comfort. From myth to modern you shall find here!

Avalon cover1

Avalon's beach

Avalon cover2

Avalon window to the world

Avalon sunset

Avalon magic room

Avalon indoor recreation

Avalon family comfort

Avalon at night

Avalon's training

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