Eleanor’s journal entries 21

ohn began to share that pain with me in telling me of his Mother, Melusina and Father, Adrian DeWare. They were an ancient couple, their beleifs were those of the old traditions and ways. Melusina and Adrian shared an eternal connection that most, though surprised at in the beginning, agreed it was one forged in the stars beyond them. It was their destiny to be together, entwined as one. Theirs was a relationship full of passions and emotions, mainly for each other? They had been together for a very long time already when the arrival of John took them by shock, fear and yet intense joy? Melusina and Adrian had never expected to have a child, though it was a deep inner pain that ever pulled at Melusina. She craved a child of her own but would never speak of it. Their lives were consumed with their roles on the High Council. They put those duties above all else in the world, even each other.
With John’s arrival, they had to learn to be parents… and, while they loved him, he knew that without a doubt, they still ever put him second to their greater duty. They had high expectations, and fears for him. The expectations, they made him aware of constantly, the fears, they held within themselves. Adrian was stern, a perfectionist and strong willed in his approach to raising John. He ever reminded him of his duty, his role, his responsibilities, and it always seemed to John that nothing he did was quite enough for this man he called Father? Melusina could be just as stern, but she was constantly in fear, watching him, over protecting him from the world. John’s greatest joys in life were found when his parents were away attending to Council matters! Then he was free to roam the hillside of their isolated mountain top fortress and be a child without a care!
John had grown with no outward signs of either witch or vampyre bloodlines. He did have some abilities, such as a psychic connection and power, he could sometimes cause slight disturbances in motion, and once he reached his adult years, he aged so slowly as to have that eternal life.
His pain came from another family member… His younger sister, Melliana had been born when he was a child of about nine or ten? While he exhibited no signs of either bloodline, nor any signs of affliction, sadly the opposite was true for his adored, yet soul torchered baby sister?

From the moment of her birth, they all knew she was afflicted with something? Her far reaching ear shattering screams of pain filled the home even as an infant. When the child would finally drift off into a troubled and fitful sleep, Melusina’s sobs would fill the rest of the time. It was feared the baby would not live, at times, it was even hoped and prayed silently that she would depart this world of such unending pain for her? But, Melliana was a survivor, a fighter with some inner spirit that kept her going. Vampyre nurses and healers were brought into the home to care for her as it seemed that she was indeed a vampyre.
After it appeared that she would live, his parent’s unending concerns had been focused on her welfare. Their lives became an all encompassed thought of what was best for Mellie? John grew up along the sideline of this situation, always reminded that he must think of the future of the world, the future of those like Mellie…
His parents had many heated arguments over what was best for Mellie? His Mother refused to admit that the child was as seriously afflicted as she was? Melusina for a long time retreated into a fantasy world, one that she created in her mind of a happy, healthy girl child who would grow to womanhood and take a place within her noble family and world? His Father knew that Mellie was gravely ill and unstable but was loathe to broach the topic with Melusina who would rail at him and the Vamypyre blood that threatened to take her beautiful daughter away from her!
John remembered the pain, the yelling and then the cold silences in their home during that time. Once more, his relief came when they were not in the home. Even such a tiny, troubled one as Mellie felt respite at their leavings. She seemed calmer and less turbulent when their overpowering personalities were not present! John loved his sister with all his being, but even as child, he knew there was something not right with her?
She was full of contrasts that seemed to fight with each other for control in her. Mellie was for all appearances, a beautiful fragile, etheral girl. She was not, however as fragile as she appeared… nor was she all that interested in the typical girl type things that Melusina presumed she should be, or rather wanted her to be? Left to her own devices, the child was far happier outside in the woods with John, or in the art room creating startling, sometimes bizarre images of abstract imaginings. One other place the little girl was happiest in was her parent’s private museum/gallery… one filled with an odd assortment of relics and artifacts from around the world, collected over centuries of travels?
Unfortunately, this was the one place deemed off limits to them during their childhood! It was also the place where and event took place that caused Mellie’s removal from their home.
Mellie had been about five at the time, and obsessed with the artifacts within that room. It was a constant battle to keep her out of there! John recalled the event with heartache. She had been in there staring intently at the large mural of a strange landscape filled with rivers of red running down a desolate mountainscape… Then she had walked over to the moon globe in the center of the room that shed a continual muted glow over the room. She had reached out, put her hands upon the globe, stared into it and lit it into a brilliant ball of fire! The flames leapt from it and she remained standing there, holding the flames in her hands with no feeling or presence of fear or pain? For a few seconds, she had seemed in control of the situation, but quickly lost that and the flames grew around her and into the room! Her parents had walked in to witness it and quickly intervened to put out the flames and rescue her. Unbelievably, she had been only mildly burned by the engulfing flames… but her fascination with the flames and fire so intensified afterwards that she had to be constantly guarded.
A few days later, John had stood outside his parents’ study and listened to them to bitterly discuss Mellie’s fate? The High Council had been closely watching Mellie’s condition.
Children of mixed descent that showed instabilities were closely monitored by the Council for they could cause perilous damage and destruction throughout the world? The children were often mentally unstable, volitile, and dangerous to themselves and everyone around them. The Council generally took charge of removing them from their homes to placed in the protective confines of a Council facility. It was then determined if they could be helped at all, or just how dangerous they might be? Sadly, many of the children would forever remain within those high walls. And, as difficult as a decision it might be for all concerned, some children were eased along into an early departing from this world of torcher for them.
Melusina and Adrian knew full well as Council members that their children were under the same guidelines and rules as every other child. They had managed to keep Mellie at home with them before this incident, but knew that this was the final proof that the Council would need to remove her. Melusina wept and tried to sway Adrian to keeping it from the Council. He was firm and resolute however, in his adament refusal to go along with her any longer. It broke his heart, but he knew they had to give Mellie over to those who might be able to care for her and help her as they could not.

John had stood there realizing just how serious this was? Just how grave his sister’s condition was? He had walked away sadly away to go in search of his sister and spend what time he could with her before she would leave them, possibly never to return? He knew that his Father was right. Although he loved his sister, he did not trust her? He knew that unless she could be helped in some way, no one would be safe, not even herself!
A few days later, a group from the Council had come to escort the child away while Melusina sobbed and begged for them to let her stay. Adrian had held on to Melusina firmly barring her from hurling herself at the group in attempt to keep her child.

After Mellie’s removal, life had changed again in their home. His Father was even harder on him and his Mother more relentless in her protecting of him. Melusina also went through a period of cold dark depression with a great resentment of her husband and his bloodlines. She could not help herself in the feelings at the time. At one point it was so problematic that there was discussion of removing her from her Council seat as it was felt that she could not make an unbiased decision or judgement. Eventually, she was able to work through her emotions but the affects of it had taken their toll on John. He had grown up knowing and feeling her resentment of his Father’s kind. After their experience with Mellie, he held his own conflicts and inner battles with his bloodlines.
It was also a time of great fear and unrest in the outer world towards the ancient ones and he felt that too? And not least of all, he felt resentments towards both of his parents on a personal level for their treatments of him. That was probably a most typical feeling for any young person trying to find their way to their own future. In John, though, it was greatly intensified!
As he grew to his adulthood, his Father’s expectations grew as well. He expected John to follow in his footsteps and take his inherited place on the Council. John had forcefully rebelled in this matter! He refused to follow blindly, or be given a place just because of his blood.
John had struck out on his own, changing his name and distancing himself from his family connections. He had no qualms about taking a seat on the Council, it was the way of getting the seat that did not sit with him? He was determined to prove himself worthy of such a seat not based on his name or his bloodline! Julian DeWare became John Deppley and entered the outer world as a warrior, working and fighting his way through the ranks the fighting classes to his own nobility standing.
Eventually, he had done what he set out to do. He had made a name and life for himself, proved himself worthy and noble for his own merits not his family’s. During those years he had battled inner demons as well as worldly ones. There was an ever ongoing battle within his deeper being to deny what he might be? Some of his powers had evolved during these years, giving him advantages in those worldly wars and battles but leaving him torn in his personal battles. He had developed a cool and distant demeanor about himself, but all the while maintaning a high standard of honor and equal justice.
The time came when he was offered his own seat on the High Council as knight of that highly private realm that few ever realized existed . He took his seat with an inner pride, of having well earned it on his own.

As a member of the Council, he was once again in the presence of his parents. He continued to keep his distance from them though. Most on the Council were well aware of his connection to them but did not mention it. It was their opinion that he had well earned his place there seperately if that was how he chose it. What ever was between them was respected as a private matter and not discussed. It was left to them to settle their private matters… or not should that be their choice, as long as it did not interfere with anyone’s duties on the Council.

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