Eleanor’s journal entries 16

Despite our attempts to deny and avoid what was within us, it was invetible that we would both fall to our inner destinies whether that be good or not for us? It occurred one evening when I was in that library assisting him with some of his research. Normally, he would tersely ask me a question, which I would reply to with as few words as needed then flee the room, not trusting myself to stay in his presence for very long. This night, though, he was delving into the past deeply asking me about memories that I had long ago forgotten? He was determined that I should remember and kept pushing me to jog my mind for things which my mind most likely had closed off on purpose?

Screenshot-16 (2)

Screenshot-4 (2)
I was becoming agitated and disoriented as vague clouds of memories swirled to the surface. I remember him holding me by the arms, telling me so seriously that it was vital for me to remember? With his touch, my skin and my blood began their tingling betrayal… the distant past memories flew out of the way to replaced with thoughts of him? I stared into his eyes and saw the same reaction from him. What ever it was that he was so primarily concerned with disappeared as he was taken over by the same feelings as I… I felt him closer to me, felt his hearbeat matching my own. I who had never been kissed or held other than chastefully before, I who had never felt any desire to do either, felt my arms wrap around him, hold him back tightly, I felt an overwhelming need to be as one with him? I leaned into him, pressed myself against him and reached my face up towards his, knowing full well that he was going to kiss me… When his mouth touched mine, it was not a chaste or gentle comforting kiss. It was one, it felt as though he were claiming me, reaching inside of me to seer my entire soul? Suddenly, I felt a surge of heat, of flames surrounding us, engulfing us?! For a few moments, time stopped as I was eneveloped within his arms and his kiss, the intensity of it, the sensations which I had never before experienced on any level!


Then there was a realization on his part of something else? The flames which I felt, they were real! The fireplace near us, which had been unlit at the time, had quite suddenly roared to life of it’s own and was close to literally engulfing us both! John immediately took steps to put it out and remove us from the peril. I, in a panic could do nothing but stare at the flames! I watched in fear as he put the flames out, my body trembling and my mind a scramble of incoherent jumbled and racing thoughts. Then, my reaction was one that I would usually abhor in females… I fainted dead away to the floor!

Screenshot-5 (4)
When I came to some time later, John was kneeling cradling my head in his arms… My head was still spinning, my sight was blurred and my body felt like every nerve was still jumbling around inside. I looked up at John to see that for some reason, he looked vaguely different? I put it down to my still blurred vision and my scattered state. He was paler, perhaps from fright? His eyes were more striking than ever before… His skin felt cool, almost cold but where he touched me, I could feel a raging heat eminating from him? As he held me, he trembled with an uncertain fear, I could sense that from within him? I was trembling as well with that equal fear.
I struggled to sit, to stand as he helped me up then backed away cautiously as I regained some semblance of balance. I peered at him with concern as he stared open mouthed at me, as if unbelieving of what he was seeing? Then, he started to shake more forcefully than just trembling from the event of the fire he had just put out. My concern grew for him. I thought perhaps he had just been overtaken with fear, then relief that I was not ingured or even dead?!

Screenshot-2 (3)

I made an attempt to lighten his fears and jested feebly and halfhearted to him, “Tis alright, John… I am quite alright, none the worse for the slight fall from grace!” He continued to stare at me and then pointed to my back. I then glared at him, not appreciating his staring at what ever struggles I had just encountered, “What, What ever is wrong now? Am I covered in flames yet? Or soot, Or perphaps I have sprouted wings!” I delcared somewhat sarcastically!

Screenshot-3 (4)
He hesitated for a moment then struggled with a half coughed comment, “Ahhhh Ummm yes, Eleanor, it would appear that you have indeed sprouted wings?” He was trying to regain his own grasp and composure at that point.
I stared at him in disbelief, while making an unsuccessfull attempt to hide my efforts of reaching behind to my back where I felt some very strange burning and itching which was far worse than in rest of my body. Still not believing or taking him seriously, I stared in shock at him, “Well, Mr Deppley, I may have sprouted wings, but you Sir have sprouted a rather nasty and vicious set of fangs in your mouth!”

Screenshot-4 (3)
It was at that moment, I am sorry to admit, that I sank to the floor again in a frightened faint?!

Everything from prior to the fire is still not clear in my mind? It seems that a number of things all happened at once during that fire! The fire, which should never have occurred on it’s own, yet turned into a raging inferno that engulfed us both, had obviously been due in part to the raging storm taking place outside, as well as the one within both us. Between those storms, we had been launched into another catastrauphic time slip? This one far more extensive and powerful than any others I had ever been a part of. When we stabilized, we were far into the future. Everything else remained the same as usual, but for our dress and a few other small details. It occurred just like so many other ones,depositing us to some point in time unscathed and unaffected by it other than our personal knowledge that something was not right?

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