Eleanor’s journal entries 15


So much time has passed? Now I sit in another strange place and time, though this time tis not due to one of those dreaded time slips. No, this time it is due to a woman who had entered my life and cause me even more disruption than I thought possible! I look around this new room here and it looks much as the one I left at White Towers Manor so long ago. It seems that someone took great care to recreate a portion of that place that I had grown to be so fond of. I spent much time at White Towers and it became one place that it felt like home to me. So much has happened since my arrival at that place, it will be most difficult to write it all down and remember it all.
My arrival at White Towers was of course due to one of those time sips that caused my world to be so off kilter as compared to what it truly should have been. Now, much has been explained to me about the time slips and my world as well as the peoples in it. I can not say that I understand it all and I have had much trouble adjusting to the changes that have taken place!
Right now, I have much free time on my hands with little else to do at present but sit here trying to write it out and worry about my future? The woman, Melusina, brought me here to this castle with Elizabeth Rivers- whom I’ve come to know as the first true friend I believe I have ever had? Melusina brought us here, she said to explain our past and deliver us to our future destinies? She told us much about the history of our world, of the time slips and yet, she left us with so many unanswered questions!

Before I go on with the present and the future, I will attempt to document what took place briefly from my arrival at White Towers.
White Towers was a grand Manor house built in Dragon Valley sometime during what must have been the late 1700’s? It is now so difficult to ascertain time periods or keep them accurate because of the affects of the time displacements. What was so strange about the time and the place then was that, while Henry VIII should have been deceased, along with all of us others, centuries previously to that… We were all alive and continuing on with our odd lives? Henry was still ruling and no one appeared to be questioning that? In fact, it was as though the time and the place were at a stand still… I, in my usual attempts at survival, did not question it!
It was as though the time between the events at Royals Castle and the building of White Towers had ceased to exist? We had jumped from the 1500s to 1700s with no one noticing!
In return for my services during those events at Royals Castle, I was in high standing with Henry and the other Royals. I was placed at White Towers and entrusted with the guardianship and supervision of Henry’s daughters, all of them-including, Mary who still presumed she would be queen one day, and the younger girls- Elizabeth and Jane. During that time, I became quite dependant upon my young maid, Penny Martin for her ever faithful assistance. She has continued to serve me well and good throughout all of our experiences and still remains with the young women even though I can not!
White Towers was a Royal holding of Henry’s, though Mary often assumed it was hers, and acted much that way! I was put in charge of it’s design and it’s décor, ensuring that it would be a proper place for the ladies to reside until Henry deemed otherwise, such as in decisions of wedding them to appropriate Nobles.
It was a beautiful Country Manor Place and I was quite proud of it! I was content and happy there for some time! I set aside my fears and the world appeared stable for quite some time. It was a time of high propriety, excesses and lavish entertainments with few concerns or cares other than whether my charges were behaving appropriately… In any time or place, teen age girls can be quite the hand full to manage?! Then of course there was Mary, whom I always had to be watchful over.
Mary was, to put it nicely, a bit off? She was ever so determined to maintain her rightul place within Henry’s graces, but continiously set him off with her religious beleifs and her resentments of previous treatment of her Mother and her. She was also a hopeless romantic and a bit gullable when it came to those who might sway her to their ways of thinking. I had to be ever on guard for her sometimes inappropriate behaviors along with her schemes and plots? I did my duty though and always managed to keep her in check!
Of course, I was fool to think our lives would go on without disturbance? Another storm arrived and with it, three men appeared in our lives to create more disruption.
On that fateful night, the men arrived with documents stating that Henry had given over ownership of the Manor to one of them in return for his loyal and meritorious service to the crown? Sir Bradley Pittens, newly titled Baron Pitt/Rivers was the new owner of White Towers. He was quite gracious and allowing of us to stay on there for the time being. He also did not seem to be all that enthused about his new role or title? He was not one who cared much for high and proper ettiquette, though he did come across as quite honorable in his behaviors and treatment of us? I felt some sympathy for him… Soon after his arrival, Mary deemed him a perfect match for herself and set herself upon the task of snaring him? He spent much of his time attempting to avoid her! He did strike up a friendship with the younger girls. At the time I believed it to be all appropriate, he never stepped over the lines or put their honours at any type of disrepute.
If there was anything amiss within that scope, Penny Martin would have been far more aware of it than I? It at this time that my personal world began to alter and as I felt, fall much apart!
During my life, I have never set myself toward romantic notions for anyone? I had far greater concerns in my life than whether I should find a suitable husband or love. I avoided that all costs, feeling that should another time slip take me away, that loss would be far too great to bear?! On that night, however, I met the one person who pose such a threat to me. From the moment I met John Deppley, I was entranced, and scared witless! This man was the only man ever to cause me to immediately feel such vibrations within me that I had never thought possible before?
John Deppley was older than the other two men. He was quiet, serious, intent on his secrative, mysterious agenda. From the moment he arrived, he was full of questions and searching? He spent most of his time within our well stocked library poring over documents and books. When ever I was close to him, I felt an odd unsettling of my nerves and the strangest feeling within me… like my blood was rising, my skin was tingling. My headaches, which had disappeared for the duration of my stay here, began to return? The look of him brought a feeling of familiarity to me, though, I was certain I had never met him before? He was tall, much taller than I… and I was tall for women back then? My height was usually not quite so noticeable as I had always been of such a slender build. This man, although he spent so much time with his head in books, must have also spent much time in strenuous athletic activities. He was well muscled which was evident even though he was always of immaculate dress and grooming for the standards of that time which required suitcoats, well turned collars and cravets tied precisely? His dark hair with it’s traces of silver was the only thing slightly out of place. He wore it longer than most but it well suited him? His eyes, the color of blue green ocean mist, haunted me. Why did I notice these things about him in particular when I never paid close attention to the looks of any other man?
Why did I have an inner feeling of danger and fear of him but and insistant need and craving to know him better, to be closer to him? Something inside of me warned me that this man could easily destroy my world, tear it apart, and send me up in flames, yet… I wanted him to do it! I tried to deny it, I tried to avoid him at all costs. He seemed to do the same with me… Much of the time he remained cold and distant with me, avoiding any contact what so ever? He could have a cool and reserved nature with dry biting comments when he chose. The kind of replies that could go over one’s head if they did not pay close attention, or were not astute enough to understand? Neither of those cases ever applied to me… I had learned from an early age to be ever aware, pay close attention to those around me whether they outwardly concerned me or not!

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