Eleanor’s journal entries 14

I knew it was coming, I just did not know when or how severe it might be? Every night before I slept, I would write down the year, the date and any detail I thought might be of some importance? I kept my small book with me at all times and held on to it as I slept each night.

This night, I did not bother with the exact date… I thought that it was not so important in overall situation as keeping well track of the year? A few days or months of loss or change, I could accept and deal with. I wrote down the year, it was 1543. Henry VIII was King of England, and the circumstances of importance I felt were, he was not wed to anyone at the time, and his claim of children were presently four… Mary, Elizabeth, Edward, and of course Jane. My location was that of Dragon Valley where Lady Leona WoodLyon was the present ruler. Truly, this night, I was so exhausted and overcome by headache that I wrote nothing else and drifted into an uneasy sleep?  The next morning, I woke with still a headache and a feeling of fatigue and nausea… There was some blinding light shining through my still shut eyelids and it was causing even more intense stabbing pains to my head? I closed my eyes even tighter in attempt to block it out, which helped little! I felt for my book, knowing instinctively that something had happened? My book was still with me, a somewhat reassuring sign for me. I slowly opened my eyes only a bit to determine the source of that blinding light? Brilliant sunlight was streaming in through an uncurtained window across from my bed… The window looked unfamiliar, as did the sunlight? It had been so long since I had seen such a measure of sunlight after so long of pouring rains and storms! I closed my eyes again and thought back to last night when I fell asleep? The storms of last night had been some of the worst. The winds had howled ferociously sounding as demons and gargoyles had been out! Windows had rattled, and I had heard precious glass shattering elsewhere in the house? I had prayed the girls to be safe in their rooms near mine as I had drifted to sleep. We had been cold and damp for so long, never seeming to be able to completely dry out, even inside. Rains had pelted down so heavily from all directions that at times it was even difficult to keep fires going in the fire places!

Now, with the brilliant rays of sunlight, there was also such a quiet calm that my ears were unused to it? I hesitated but knew that I must wake myself fully and take account of what ever had happened. I opened my eyes to look more fully around my room. It was quite empty, save my bed and me in it? It was quite large, but nothing about it spoke of familiar to me… not a good sign. I knew I was not where I had been last night when sleep took me on yet another journed into the unknown. The walls were covered in a light wood paneling with beautiful blue fabric inserts… I looked a bit closer, Yes those patterns did look somewhat familiar and the colors were of my favorites. Windows lined a portion of the wall in front of me looking out to vaguely recognizable scenery and view. I had seen this view before? I crept out of the high bed, which was thankfully still my own, with the intent of examining the view better. I looked down at myself and felt this luxurious soft and thin night shift I was wearing… this was also quite foreign to me but it felt so good that I would not utter or voice a complaint against it! I made my way to the windows and stared out the amazingly clear glass. I saw the landscape I was familiar with, though it had changed a great deal?  I took a deep breath and held it, then exhaled slowly… Alright then, I thought to myself, “I am still within the realm of Dragon Valley at least? That at least should count for some good on my part?”

I looked around the room once more as I tried to put my thoughts together. “Well, One thing I know for certain? I can not wander about anywhere in this lack of dress!” My mind may have been muddled, but I knew that where ever, when ever I was, this dress or lack of it was not appropriate to venture out of this room in? My wardrobe, hence my clothing were no where in sight. There were two doors from the room. I took a chance to peer out of one, finding a wide but empty hallway. On trying the other door, I found a well appointed dressing room! I only hoped it was my clothing?

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3What Eleanor saw !


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