Eleanor’s journal entries 13

I went along, all the while thinking to myself that it had been quite some time since a storm. A storm of the Witch’s storm proportions… life had progressed somewhat quietly and mundanely for a change. Royals came and went from Dragon Valley and Royals Castle. Dragon Valley settled into it’s new role as a nuetral and soveriegn territory. They became more connected to the outside world on a public level but retaining their individual, unique standing and status. Lady Leona had taken back her power and control, was indeed becoming a leader to be respected and revered by other countries as well as her own and her territories in the Highlands.  No trace of Gerard was ever discovered… it was as though he had disappeared from the face of the world?  I knew he was somewhere else in time, I just did not know where or when, or what he might be putting in place again?

Some months went by, I began to suffer worse from headaches again and knew that something was going to happen?  The headaches were usually a sign of a coming storm, a disturbance of some sort about to take place. In visits with young Diantha, I learned that she was suffering as well. Lady Leona was concerned about them and seemed on edge herself?  I knew little of the ancient beliefs her clans practiced and set store in… only that some whispered of it being tied to Witchcraft, sorcery, believing them to be able to control such things as the weather, the seas, the powers of nature? I tried to question Diantha as to this in an understated, undiscriminating or unaccusing way. Diantha stated in a firm, undisputable manner that her family’s beliefs were in no way questionable. I should not spread such discourse or rumors! This was one aspect of our friendship that Diantha brooked no conversation or discussion of. I left it at that, not wanting anything to come between us and feeling that Diantha had enough troubles to deal with, I should not increase them!

The headaches became intense and debilitating for me until I could not rise from bed at times. They had never been so extreme or frequent before? Storms came around us at massive quantity. It seemed that they never let up… Lands were flooded, torn apart, Seas washed over the shores in horrific tidal waves! The sun disappeared behind the moon which people took as forboding of bad omens to come? Diseases and plagues overtook the lands in forces that had not been seen in ages? Many said it was because of the weather, the floods, the scarcity of food due to ruined crops. Travel was nearly impossible and those of us in Dragon Valley once again became isolated and cut off from the rest of the world? It was a dangerous task just to send a messenger out on horseback over the washed out roadways, the now treacherous seas, or even through the storm laden and ravaged forests. One never knew when a sudden storm surge would approach seemingly out of nowhere? Some of course said God was venting his wrath upon the evils of the world… others feared it was the end of time…. I feared it was the beginning of time? The beginning of another new and altered time?

It was yet another slip in time, a more massive one than ever previous that I was aware of! I had strange dreams of pasts which I was quite certain had not happened that way, and I had even stranger nightmares of futures?

Eleanor's futureIt was a bizarre and strange vision of myself and my three charges in a very different world but still the same people? I could not fathom it and it terrified me to think that this might be coming to us?


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