Eleanor’s journal entries 12


With Diantha newly installed with her family, the Woodlyons chose to work on their family matters privately. Henry of  England was remaining in Dragon Valley to settle some matters with his own family. He was in possession of a landholding here called White Towers. It was initially his decision that as Mary was a young woman would reside at White Towers, along with I as her chaperone, the two younger sisters. His plan was for all three to be somewhat sequestered here in Dragon Valley at White Towers away from the English court for the time being while he took his time to decide on a course for their individual futures?  I was left with pages of detailed and specific instructions on how the household should be managed, how the women should be managed… I was to answer to Henry on all matters, not Lady Mary, as she percieved in being granted residence here away from his watchful eyes?


White Towers had once been a more ancient medieval Castle but through my efforts was to be upgraded and transformed to a Royal Manor home suitable for the ladies of  Nobility to reside while they were trained and groomed for their prospective futures as wives of Nobles. It was as daunting a task as Royals Castle had been for me! Now, in addition to the Castle’s renovations, I had also to be in constant supervision of young ladies, completely responsible for their training and their reputations which must be impeccable with no hint or trace of possible scandal attached to them!


Much as usual for me, I settled into this new task focusing only on it and not on what may or may not happen in the future or anywhere else but my own controllable vicinity. I had deemed this the only way to survive and deal with the chaos around me. I set aside my personal thoughts, my inner most desires for some sort of family, some life to call my own… some life that would give me peace and happiness? Truly, I knew not even what that life would entail should it ever exist for me! I took on one day, one night at a time and considered myself lucky if I woke in the morning in the same location, in the same time period with the same people in their same relationships with me!





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