Eleanor’s journal entries 11

I met with Diantha in private… She was at first so happy and joyed to see me, it hurt to know that I should have to soon destroy her world in order to rebuild it again in her rightful place, where she belonged, a strange foriegn place yet one of Royalty none the less!  As I set about my explanation, I saw her look of bewilderment and confusion… I saw her tears and I saw her small delicate fists clench in frustration, then determination to hold her emotions in check as she deemed a proper Lady should?  I hesitated in reaching out to comfort her, not sure of what her reaction would be? Without a word she reached back, curled herself into my arms and wept as I held her close. I soothed her sobs and held her close, reassuring her of my faith in her, my pride, my joy and my love for her. I  knew that this was all so overwhelming to her and I worried that she would fall to one of her debilitating headaches? My words to her were that she must be strong, she must call upon her deepest faith and go forth into this new world with her head held high, she must meet this challenge with the dignity and the grace of her raising and her training.  Some time later after she had collected herself and regained her composure, we talked of her future here in Dragon Valley. Her Father may be a traitor to all, but her Mother was the Ruler of Dragon Valley now.  Diantha must take her place within that family, accept it and prove that she was worthy, that she was capable of fulfilling any royal destiny placed upon her shoulders! I reassured her that I would be nearby, as would young Lady Jane to remain her heartfelt family forever. She must take this new path but we would always be here for her when ever she should need us?


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