Eleanor’s journal entries 9

Once my fate was settled, I was dismissed from their presence while they tried to come to some agreement on Lady Marie’s fate. This would end up being a lengthy and heated debate becoming a matter of  diplomacy between the countries. It was a delicate, intricate balance as Lady Marie was a French Noblewoman and the Mother of two children who carried Royal blood. It was not a trivial or simple matter at all and was going to take much time  and even more secrecy to sort out an equitable agreement for all parties, English, French and the Realm of Dragon Valley as well Scotland, for they had all been adversely affected by hers and Gerard’s actions! There a number of issues to be dealt with including what to do with this Glorious Grand Castle that had stands in Dragon Valley, but was built with funds from all three countries. Then there was the matter of how to ease the tensions and restore the fragile peace of Dragon Valley and Scotland itself?

The meeting turned into what became a foundation for a major treaty among several countries which most likely changed the course of history for the timeline we were living in!

The castle, Royals Castle as it is now known as, and the surrounding area of Dragon Valley became a separate neutral country with the Woodlyon Clan restored to their place as Rulers of it. Lady Leona Woodlyon, now her Highness Queen of Dragon Valley, signed peace treaties with England, France, Scotland and France during this time ensuring peace in her Valley. Her Clan would retain some of their holdings in the Highlands and take steps to bring them into accordance with the Peace accords. It was hoped that by this example, other Clans would follow suit?  The Castle and it’s lands would be considered neutral ground for all of the countries and the expense of upkeep of it would be shared by all. It would become an important part of history, hosting many more important peace meetings for all countries! I was accorded much credit for the work I did on it, which did much to raise my status in life! It is one of the accomplishments that I mark with great pride!

Marie spent much time in the Royal Prisons while they tried to decide on her fate. Henry, of course was easily of the opinion that she was a traitor and as such should deserve a traitor’s fate of beheading. He had no qualms about it and in fact was quite insistent on it being done on English soil as a Public display! He did offer her the gift of a fine French Swordsman, as he had offered one of his wives…

Francois was not in agreement on this. He felt this was more of a personal family matter and should not be waved about in front of the public? Those things always had a way of backfiring and coming back to haunt you later? She was a woman, a Mother… and insane? The crowds could turn in her sympathy? Also, it would more tarnish the status and reputation of the daughters who had already suffered and would find life difficult enough without this added stain. His opinion was to quietly lock her away somewhere safely for the duration of her miserable life. Leona of Dragon Valley was in accord with Francois on this. Her view was that the truest guilty party was Gerard, it was he who should be hunted down at all costs and suffer a grueling death for all to see! She did add that Lady Marie was obviously much deranged and of such a volatile nature that where ever she was put should be one that would ensure no escape, no pardon, no sympathy towards her? It was eventually decided that she would be transported to an isolated convent in Spain where none knew of her previous status, and no exceptions or pardons for her would ever be considered.  Francois’ brother in law, Juan Carlos of Spain was a part of this agreement and took it upon himself to take responsibility for her transport and her imprisonment.  He took a bit of personal satisfaction in it as Marie had betrayed his sister Isabel with the flaunting of her liaison with Francois.

During this time of  negotiations, the Castle overflowed with Royal families! Because it was such a lengthy process in such a well guarded and remote location, the Royal men had decided to have their families join them  there for the duration. Of course, it was not just so they could spend quality time with them. Each family had their own particular reasons!

Henry did not trust his daughter Mary, who was continously plotting on her own to make Henry’s life more difficult! He wanted her close by where he could watch her. His younger daughter, Elizabeth was a teen who at times was easily swayed by others such as Mary, or young men who had their own agendas? And, young Edward, well he normally did not travel as Henry was overly cautious about his well being. Henry had determined that Royals Castle was more than adequate to be safe for Edward so he allowed his prized young son to join him for this summer! Henry’s intent was to transfer Mary and Elizabeth over to my care at this time. He was also intent on finding suitable and appropriate matches for the girls and a future queen for Edward? Henry thought perhaps this gathering would be an excellent starting point… there was the son of Juan Carlos, which would ensure some added peace with Spain? Then again, there was now young Francis Woodlyon, who was in line for the Rule of Dragon Valley.  And, Henry had another thought in the back of his mind… he was in need of another wife and Leona’s marriage to Gerard had been recently set aside allowing for her to marry again if she chose?

Francois’ extended family had arrived for some equal reasons. Juan Carlos had a young son in need of a Royal wife and he was hoping to make some sort of arrangement with Henry, although their relations were strained due to Henry’s treatment of his previous wife, Mary’s Mother. But, in the name of peace, Juan Carlos would look past that if need be if assurances could be made that such future treatments would not be repeated. He had other possibilities here though… Now that the Woodlyons had been restored of their Royal place, there were two daughter there of marriageable age?

Juan Carlos had another serious concern. That was the current situation between his sister, Isabel and her husband Francois. Their situation was putting a strain on the Spanish/ French diplomatic relations. The French were hinting that since Isabel was not producing an heir, possibly the marriage should be set aside and Francois should seek a wife elsewhere? Then there was the situation with Francois’ illegitimate offspring, Marguirite whom Francois was planning to legitimize and raise in his household.  Isabel was not happy with this arrangement and had suggested that if this took place, she would have no qualms with having the marriage set aside and retiring herself to a convent where she had preferred to be in the first place! Juan Carlos was furious, as was the French family. Francois had proven he was quite capable of producing an heir so this left the blame on Isabel and her Spanish bloodline… This was an affront to Jaun Carlos’ pride and his ego that she should bring this accusation upon them! He had sternly and forcefully taken her to task on all of it. It was quite obvious to him why Francois did not want to bed her! She was cold, stern, distant and pious to the point of spending all her time in a chapel.  Juan Carlos reminded her that her duty to God was to be a faithful, obedient and willing wife, and to produce heirs! He would not allow her to retire to a convent until she had done her earthly duty and produced the much needed heir. After that, he did not care if she chose to lock herself away in meditation and most likely Francois would not care either, he would most likely be glad… Juan knew that if it were him, and it had been his position previously, he would happily assist the woman in her search of a convent!

Juan had brought her here despite her protests and determined that she would do her wifely duty if he had to lock them both in a room until proof of a coming offspring was notable! Francois’ family had been in agreement after learning of his intent to bring the strange ailing Marguirite into the family and give her leave to inherit rightfully! All were in accord that Francois and Isable must fulfill their marital agreements and bring forth an heir for his family!

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