Eleanor’s journal entries 5

t was during my time with Marie that events seemed to go far off kilter?! The time slips became quite apparent to me? We set out to return to England, where by all rights according to my time line, it should have been somewhere around the year of 1480. There should have been a York King on the throne and Henry Vii would have been a child held safely away like others of us? All I know is that our voyage was one of those they call a Witch’s storm! Our ship should likely have sunk to the bottom of the ocean during the storms that never let up? Perhaps it did? Perhaps I am dead and living out this strange nightmare as some sort of purgatory or hell for some unknown disobedience to God? Mayhaps this is my punishment for thinking ill of my parents, my guardians, my Lady Marie? Though, I do not think so considering what Lady Marie later did!

When we landed in England, we aboard the ship were distressed and beyond confusion upon realizing that it was now the 1530’s? We kept silent, all of us, knowing that  to speak of this would surely burn us at the stake or be locked away somewhere! The witch’s storm seemed an accurate description- it had for some reason tossed 50 years into the future. The even stranger thing than that was that not one soul questioned our ship, our arrival, our dress, or our identities? It was as though we had been expected to arrive and the only comments on our outdated attire was sympathy for us having been so isolated in France?

The war for the throne was long over, England and France had made peace and we were welcomed to the court of Henry VIII. We were given fine quarters as due Lady Marie’s title… Another strangeness took place, which Lady Marie vowed me never to mention or speak of? Her direction to me was, “If you know what is good for you and you value your head, you will keep silent!”  Henry acted as though he knew Marie? Had met her previously in France… Marie had no qualms, no conscience or guilt about going along with this. In fact, she told me this would benefit us greatly and be to our advantage. Lady Marie had appointed herself as my guardian now and had the King’s ear so I was obliged, as she said, to keep silent for my own survival!

It wasn’t long before Lady Marie used her dubious charms to entrance the King and find her way into his bed as one of many mistresses. I knew why she didn’t aim higher, as in one of his Queens… She valued her own head, and thought perhaps she should take her chances on providing a male heir, who even though he might be illegitimate, could still be a powerful player in the Royal standings. Unfortunately, luck was not quite on Marie’s side. She ended up giving birth to a daughter instead! I felt much compassion for this girl, Jane England. Marie was much like my Mother had been. She was bitter over Jane’s being a useless girl that Henry would care less than nothing about. That was where she made one of her errors in judgement. Henry did care about Jane. She  was not and never would be in line to the throne, there would never be any dispute on that fact. His intent was to see her well cared for and be married well because she did have Royal blood. He set out an agreement with Marie for the well being of Jane, which Marie went along with at first and signed readily as it would leave her with a large sum of money with which to ensure Jane’s  proper upbringing. I was appointed as maid to the infant. Some time after that, Marie met a French Royal by the name of Francois, and quickly took the course to seal her Royal connections by becoming his mistress.

Marie was wanting to go back to France with Francois but Henry refused to let Jane leave. At the time, Marie was unconcerned with that and chose to leave with Francois. She demanded that I go with her, and I having little recourse in the matter was not in a position to argue with her. She was not above using any means to gain what she wanted and I know surely that if I had not agreed, she would find a way to force me, or even worse cause me some undue harm- not necessarily physical harm. No, there are far easier ways to cause enough harm to destroy one’s life. I did have one thing in my favor at the time. King Henry like me, he trusted me, and upon my leaving he bade me should I ever be in need, I would always be in his favor?

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