Eleanor’s journal entries 4

I do find it ironic that my family could end up on the losing side of a war between two families of which they were related on both sides to? I guess the key to it was that while they were trying stand their middle ground and remain neutral, the Rivers ran around them to finish as the winning side!  I also find it highly ironic that in the end, my parents were taken down not by any battle or bloodlines but by disease! Of course disease ran rampant throughout the times and easily took more of us than wars, but still I shake my head at my Mother, who was always so careful and mindful of her station, her status, and thought she was immune to the lowborn illnesses, succumbing to a fever that ran through the household! Shortly after her, my Father went as well. I was left an orphan, remaining in France with my relatives who became my guardians. My guardians thought it best that I use my Mother’s family name of DeGuille than my Father’s English name which was they said too closely connected to the house of Lancaster… better they said to keep that hidden for the time being? So, I became Eleanor DeGuille and eventually was appointed as a Lady in Waiting to my cousin, Marie DeJewel. If ever there was a witch or a sorceress, it would be her I would put my suspicions upon!

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